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BabyChakra is India’s largest pregnancy and parenting platform. Over a million of expecting parents and parents to newborns and toddlers are active on our app. They share stories, ask questions and connect with fellow moms and dads. We also have hundreds of experts and doctors that answer questions posted and write content-rich pieces on our site. This helps our users make an informed decision when it comes to health and nutrition. While expecting moms can track their week-by-week development with our Pregnancy Tracker, the Baby Tracker will help measure the baby's developmental milestones. You can also get helpful tips, recipes, milestones and medical tests that are will help you at different stages of your parenting journey. Clear all your doubts by chatting with doctors through our Live Video Chat. We promise that you will get a response within thirty minutes of asking a question. Our community is ever growing, so you can seek advice from other parents too. There are tonnes of other features that will help you big time, so what are you waiting for? - now.

India's Largest Community for Pregnancy, Parenting Tips & Advice for Baby's Development

BabyChakra is a parenting platform that offers pregnancy tips, parenting tips and information on all questions related to parenting. BabyChakra aims to build a parenting community where parents interact with each other and exchange information and advice. BabyChakra also provides useful tips on baby's development and skills and provide parent education on wide variety of topics.