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I am using their baby doll carrier and my kids love wearing their dolls and soft toys in it...We are talk of the garden...Many people have asked me about the brand

Cookiie pie co is an amazing brand.. I have used and own their baby carriers too. their ring slings are one of the softest cotton and Soft structured carriers comes in all budget range. As a Babywearing Consultant I always recommend their p ...see more

Their ring slings are the best in the Indian market. They are the softest and are the easiest to wear. The baby is not uncomfortable at all.

I started using a cookiie Soft Structured Carrier when my son was 4 months old. Today at 15 months, cookiie pie SSC is still my savior when I go out with my baby. It makes something as basic as going grocery shopping with a baby so convenie ...see more

An SSC is one of the best ways to wear a baby when one has to be on the move constantly for longer duration & have a back problem. The Cookiie SSC, an internationally certified ergonomic carrier comes with 2 Variants- Standard & Toddler. It ...see more

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When I planned to buy baby carrier fr my 4.5 month old lo, I was in choas between two three brands... So planned to go to library n try out... I should mention Ganga Sudhakar for introducing me to this lovely Cookiie yoga linen SSC... I was ...see more
Yoga ...flexible and still so light weight it is....really loving the feel of it
I have a yoga linen, and I wouldn't know what I'll do without it.. I am a very clumsy person and tend to drop things if I have more than one n my hand, so carrying baby and doing any other work was a scary thing for me. But with this SSC, I ...see more
I have been looking around for a good carrier for my baby for a while, when I got gifted a Cookiie SSC. Wasn't sure if it was OK to use for the little champ since he was just about 2.5 months. That's when I got in touch with the folks at Co ...see more
It's a very very late review n I regret why it got so late. So I bought my cookiepie SSC in the Christmas sale at a whopping 50% discount, but that's not the only reason to start loving it even before owning. The reason is Sharmi, who is so ...see more
I wanted a Cookiie toddler SSC Anchor away. I connected with the Cookie team and they were so welcoming. I earlier had a standard full buckle of Cookiie and had loved that too. I tried my hands at another brand full buckle in toddler size o ...see more
This was my first carrier and I started using it since my daughter was a month old. Love the colours, the fabric print, sturdiness etc.
Out 4 day gallivanting in Thailand turned out to be better than expected.. thanks to our cookiie ssc! Lo either happily looked around or slept peacefully amidst the hustle bustle of Bangkok streets and malls! Incredible!
I bought the black starry nites SSC while I was 6 months pregnant and started using it once my bub was over the 5 kgs mark (though it can be used with an insert earlier too).

What caught my attention was the vibrant designs and the unisex ...see more
I started babywearing since my daughter was 4 months old. After trying on 3 different brands of carriers, my husband and I both zeroed in on a Cookiie Soft Structures carrier in standard size. It is ergonomic and internationally tested for ...see more
My holidays wouldn't have been so comfortable if I dint own a cookiie. Thank u.I travelled Pondichery, Delhi and now Kodaikanal with my 8 months lo happily with cookiie.
We love love our cookie SSC so much so that all my FB profile pics has my lo in his cookiie! So happy n comfy is he in the cookiie....

Today thanks to cookiie, I can step out and travel independently with my lo. Cannot imagine doing that w ...see more
What ? Just 5 stars! Nah I would love to give them more than 5 ! :* Trust me ! One of the best SSC and ring slings I have based on everything especially their designs ! I wanted to buy a SSC for a very long time ! Was eyeing all internation ...see more
I just cannot think of life without this !! My entire family is addicted to this n swears by dear cookiie !! I think i should get them one each
Love the carriers they are beautiful and Incredibly functional. You can tell a mom designed the carriers with a practical day to day approach that makes Mom and baby happy and comfortable. Keep up the amazing work cookiie ❤️
Can't rate cookiie less than's wonderful..very soft and very easy to wear for a beginner like's makes carrying baby for long stretches so easy..
Loving the experience of baby wearing with cookiie ssc

thank you cookiie team for all the help. .. response was prompt for every query even after sale :)
In one word : loved it :)

One of t best carriers i hav amazing designs makes it irresistible
Buying a cookiie SSC has been the best gift I have given to my little baby Arjun. It is so comforting to hold him in that carrier, he loves exploring the world when we go for walk while huddled close to momma. And if he is sleepy, he just g ...see more
I bought a pair of Cookiie droolers recently and I'm very satisfied with the print and overall quality of the product.

The actual product aside, I must say I am very impressed with the customer service provided. I found the Cookiie folks t ...see more
Love love love my Cookiie Sling! I've been using the Ergo SSC for nearly a year now and thought I would never be happy with a Ring Sling! But I was wrong! I'm happy and LO is happier!!! Right from the fabric to the colour to the ring to the ...see more
I love the soft but sturdy feel of the carrier. LO was calm n cheerful the whole time.... Hubby looking forward to carrying him next.... Thank u Cookiie Slings... :)
I loved the cookiie SSC. My girl who had been worn only in a MT once took to it so well!! Nice cotton fabric so does not get hot and very very comfy!!!
Beautiful relation wrapped in a beautiful gesture
We luuuv our sling! Lovely colors, beautiful print! I ordered my sling when I needed it for a wedding. Though I ordered it at the last minute, on request, received it right on time. Thanks @cookiie slings for that! This is my first baby ...see more
My new passion Babywearing ... Now I can wear my lo countless time n for countless duration.. Thank u for adding essence in my life..
Cookiie Slings made me one happy momma. Its a great carrier for summers..Very light...easy to it looks Great!!!...This one is going to give my Boba a nice long holiday :)
Very soft sturdy and comfortable. Love the designs and bright colours. Makes a boring day lively :)
I cant thank Cookie Slings enough.. My 10 week old baby instantly naps in it. Lovely designs and they are kind enough to explain and reexplain the technique to babywearing newbies like me. I got the deep seat right from the first try thanks ...see more