A few days after birth itself, baby’s oral cavity should be cleaned with a warm wet sterile gauge piece.

At 3 or 4 months when the baby’s gum starts preparing for teething, a silicone finger stalk and a suitable flouride free sls free and preservative free gum gel can be used to gently massage the irritated gums.

I am using chicco gum gel and mee mee finger brush for this purpose.

Chicco gum gel contains xylitol and chamomile.

Xylitol is a sugar which can't be used by bacteria for energy harvesting, thereby preventing bacterial growth and reproduction. So it acts as an anti bacterial without affecting the normal bacterial flora of the mouth which is essential.

Chamomile helps to soothe the irritated gums.

Just a pea sized amount of the gel is enough. Take it on the soft bristles of the finger stalk amd gently massage the gums in small circular motion.

And with the back of the brush clean the tongue with light pressure. Even the bristle can be used to clean the tongue. Those bristles are too soft to cause any injury.

This can be done routinely twice a day, once after waking up and once at bedtime. This practice will instil a good habit of brushing the teeth twice a day from the beginning itself. It will be a normal practice as they grow up, they won't have to be taught about it anymore.

And good gum care will give rise to healthy, cavity free and proper eruption of milk teeth set.

Other than that, whenever baby is excessively irritated and wants to gnaw on anything, it can be simply massaged on the gums with bare fingers for instant soothing.

Chicco has age appropriate gels for 4+, 6+, and 12+.

But its better to continue with the 4+ gel until the baby gets one or two teeth.

Don't forget to sterilise the finger stalk with warm water after each use. Clean it with any suitable baby liquid detergent twice a week to keep the finget stalk germ free.









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Khushboo Chouhan Priya Sood Swati upadhyay Vrushalee SB Nilofer Shaikh Naiyya Saggi Krutika Gor Smitha Prabhav Manisha M Mahima Atishaya Dr. Payal M Rebecca Prakash Keerthana Gupta Trupti Rohit Bhosale

Detailed information! Adya use to brush with this finger stalk. Very good share doctor 👍

Super informative...I wish i got this info first hand.....but I followed it same ...had to do a lot of made it so much easy 👍👍👍 thank you AMRITA MALLIK

Mahima Atishaya Sathya Kalaiselven which gum gel did you use? And upto what age did you continue with finger stalk? When did your baby's first tooth appear? Please share your baby's teething stories for inspiration and more ideas.

AMRITA MALLIK ...Aarav's 1st tooth appeared when he was around 11.5 months old...and I used the finger stalk almost until he turned 1.5 years and then switched to a baby brush suggested by paed. Also started the chiccoo gel at the same he enjoys the Mee Mee baby toothpaste for 6+ months baby ....

Mahima Atishaya thank you dear! have you tried the chicco 12+ baby toothpaste?
Looking at the way he gnaws at his teethers, I was getting anxious that.... ab aajaega teeth....iss mahina toh pakka aa jaega.
Abhi daant aane me time he. Bohot din jhelna padega ye teething tantrums.

Yes !!! He isn't pleased with the taste ...God alone knows why?? Hhehe....mee mee that I'm using right now is for upto 3 years ....

Mahima Atishaya yeah taste! Taste is important too. So i ll skip it too. And directly buy mee mee toothpaste.

Hehhehehe.....ya...or else he wouldn't brush...🙄🙄🙄...oh my kids these days are super demanding

Mahima Atishaya how do you handle those demands? Do you indulge in fulfilling it all time or do you expain them? What do you do when the become stubborn and throw tantrums?

AMRITA MALLIK ...very honestly am a lil stubborn mom, I don't budge and give in easily...I usually explain it to him and mostly it's enough, but at times it becomes tough, I wait till things settle down and he calms down and then explain it to him...i don't try to please him when he's throwing a tantrum...simply because I understand he will get the pulse and act the same everytime...🙄🙄

Mahima Atishaya yes thats the right way logically but I don't know how I ll b able to deny anything to that lil star of my eye. I think he ll become a spoilt brat with me. 😂😂😂

Hahah...I too thought the same...but I had to curb my Mommy emotions and be a stubborn one at times

Mahima Atishaya that's gonna be another tough phase!

Yes definitely 🤩 but needs to be addressed

Again a super helpful post AMRITA MALLIK . Did not realise I could start working on oral hygiene for bub from 3 months. Is it really essential now btw or ok to start at 6 months?

Hi yes though Atarah doesn't have teeth I use this to clean her gums and clean her tongue. Very useful.

Naiyya Saggi at 3 months you can use sterile gauge peice. Dip it in luke warm water. Squeeze it to get rid of excess water. Wrap it around your index finger and gently clean the oral cavity. Once you feel that gums are becoming hard the finger stalk can be used.

Mahima Atishaya sure! 😂

I did not realise I can start using finger bebo turned 3month...I will start using gel n brush soon as she is biting everything around her nowdays

Vrushalee SB sure!


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