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Last week my hcg levels were 56, this week it got reduced to 29. what does this indicate. Will it lead to miscarriage? plz give in ur inputs!! TiA

Rekha here is what our expert Dr Rahul Manchanda, one of the top gynecologists in India says to your question.

"generally a falling hcg level shows an unhealthy pregnancy. Please consult your gynaecologist and get an ultrasound done. Regards"

My gynac says to wait for a week and get the blood test again..!! and she also said that scan cannot be done @ this stage as it would not b possible to view where the pregnancy is formed...!! Also to add upon, I'm planning to go for abortion. will this automatically lead to miscarriage or shud I wait

Dr rahul's reply. Pl take care of urself.

" Your gynaecologist is by and large right. Though sometimes one can see something. I would be happier with an ultrasound from a specialist who is an expert in this. Yes you must do a repeat test to see what the hcg levels are doing. I would repeat it in 48-72 hrs. Generally like I mentioned a falling hcg shows an unhealthy pregnancy which would generally abort. But you need to follow up with hcg levels and ultrasound with your gynaecologist. It is imperative to get to know where the pregnancy is if possible. In case of pain abdomen and fainting or heavy bleeding you must contact your gynaecologist and go to the hospital straight away. Regards".

All the best Mom

We have got her answers from expert Priya.

Next time onwards Rekha Pl post as a question.

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