Story of Teea!!

Teea, A two weeks old mother gone through C section to deliver her baby. She wanted a girl not because she was baised, just that she was obsessed with pink frock & hairband !!! Jokes apart, actualy Teea( and her loving husband Romit) wanted to be a mother of a girl bcoz they believed that in our society most of people wanted baby boy.Its harsh bt its true even a would be mother who is a woman herself also obsessed to be a mother of a baby boy (may be because of society pressure). That's why teea wanted a girl coz it's 2019!! She belived that 'Our thinking needs to be changed & charity begins at home I guess !!' Though she was equally happy to with her baby boy coz Its her part.

So, this way 'The Dilemma Chapter' is closed.

Now, real motherhood Waiting for her. And its a bumpy ride for her both physically and mentally. Its more to do with the huge changes Teea is experiencing. After working for nearly 7 yrs its a kind of void feelings. Its true she got tired ,somethings irritated with her ofc,target and hectic timing,dealines & journey but its equally true when u dont have habit to seat home u will feel empty (homemaker job is much more challenging,But it should be out of choice not out of compulsion). Specially people like Teea who love to talk to everyone( ya she always give her intro as chatterbox). And moreover she love to work. One may say to her that "U are on maternity leave" bt her question was - "I am not a robot that I will switch on my 6 month leave mode. Its takes time to shift things to that direction. Tragedy is that nobody gives me that time." First that changes a take toll on Teea & then new parenting -;

1)Sleep compromised( she loves to sleep bt time is fixed). The first gyan that she received at day 1 from doctor to husband to anybody & everybody that baby sleep time is your sleep. Like really!!! 'How can one even expect that 30 yrs old habit mine will change suddenly' - Teea questions herself. Its true you are a mother now and baby is ur first priorty ,coz that little sunshine can't even express his pain hunger or even anger but that priorty or u may say love or care doesnot change your sleeping habit. From Day 1 Teea is in real mess!! Bt problem is that noone understand that not even her husband or parents!! Life is not abt "google search" - "how to be a new mother" & "what is best for a new mother". "Compromised" its a big word. But for first 2/3 days its her true feelings. Now Teea is habituated with it with pleasure. Bt problem is that ppl don't even give that much of time to a new mother how she can accomodate with new life. They expect to follow guideline of baby - mother sleep time. But she wants to scream - 'let me tell u that time is not even possible bcoz when your baby sleeps u need to do some baby related activities as well as some your everyday activity like bath,comb,eating,changing,cutting nails etc. So, all those gyan holds no merit !!'

2)People (doctor,parents,husband,so called society) will give gyan abt mother-baby bonding. Teea thinks that gyan may be true & holds all merit bt do anybody understand that everyone is differnt. Treat that mother & baby with their plus & minus. How can one even tell a mother who spend 22 hrs in same room with her baby everyday ( yes its a big deal at least for her who spends 13 hrs outside home) that what to do/how to do/why its imp etc. She may be doing it wrongly or not properly bt one can do it properly infornt of her and she will learn it with time. But again nobody interested to give Teea that time. Instead of that ppl point out then and there sometimes politely or sometimes rudely to that 21 hrs on duty(with pleasure) mother. Everybody forget that she is putting her best effort may be inexperience or lack of maturity sometimes plays it part. But does anybody have time to understand that I doubt!!!

3) Decision making - Its not bossy I think to say that, a mother should be given equal priorty to decision regarding baby's job related activity. But may be that didn't happens most of the cases. Rather Teea used to get a checklist of what to do & what not to do without even thinking of mother's comfort. She is more than happy to do baby's any job bt ask her out if she needs anything or any nanny for her baby. If she takes nanny's help one dont need to be judgemental abt it. In her case, she definitely dont want any nanny bt the tragedy in first place - she dont given any option also. Her answer will be "no" for nanny bt how can one take Teea for granted to order that not to have nanny. Its irony that instead of an understanding hand she gets a pity look that how can she hand over ur little 10 days old baby to nanny !!!;

4) 'If a mother spends sometimes on mobile watching episoding or getting ready with her prematernity cloths for baby's doctor visit is it necessary to pass comment ( its may be joke for you)!!' - Teea reacts angrily. But one person may not understnd happiness of wearing those old favourite cloths Teea last wore 6 months back & people least mature to understand that her favourite dress also suits her post maternity body changes. Sensible ppl also forget that. Hahaha...

More over she was not a tv person not even fan of episodic also. So when she was watching tv instead of asking Teea "are u bored - lets talk abt something else" people taunt her with "mom is watching tv etc etc .... and that person starts watching movies himself" may be thats another irony of society.

Its not that Teea don't have a supportive husband or understanding family, Its just that co-ordination & miscommunication took a toll on Her. Neither she expresses her feelings to them nor they are able understand Teea;Until that day;...

And Thats how Messy mother Teea starts her journey ...

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such an awesome post dear.. 👏👏👏

Seriously superb post and beautifully written

Wow..awsm post

wow .,... awesome post...very well written

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