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My labour story.....
my Pregnancy journey was a roller coaster ride...though... c-section was not a part of plan...but somewhere i have prepared my self for both normal and c-section delivery. I was in my 38th week and my doctor told me we need to do a c-section because amniotic fluid is very my csection was not pre -decided...#csection #mydelivery #preganewscontest #bbcontest

It was 50-50 chances for c-section but after 36th week my blood pressure was so high. Amniotic fluid was also more than normal. Also my nose started to bleed because of the blood pressure. At the 37th week I started having pains at regular intervals. At that time I went to the hospital and doctor checked my blood pressure it was very high. So, they suggested me to take an injection if the blood pressure doesn't go down then they will do the surgery but after taking the injection my blood pressure didn't go down. Then doctor said not to wait so, they took me to operating room and after anesthesia I remember they were talking my blood pressure is not going down and my blood was going in glucose bottle from the syringe in my hand. So, they did the surgery very fast and after getting my baby out they gave me another dose of anesthesia and I just remember my baby tiny body on my chest him looking at me. I wanted to hold me but I couldn't my hand were not moving. When they took my baby for cleaning I wanted to shout to give me my baby he was crying I wanted to console him. But just after that I don't remember when I fell asleep and woke up in a room. #csectionstory #mydelieverystory #preganewscontest #bbcontest #bbcreatorsclub

My c-section was planned due to high amniotic fluid and baby had duodenal atrisia. Still I was mentally prepare myself for normal delivery. before one week of due date doctor induced pain for normal delivery, but due to high amount of fluid baby didn’t came down... her head was flooring. Thats why doc decided to do c-section #CSectionStory #MyDelivery

Hi I m Rinu Medani..this is my story of Unplanned C-section... when my 8 month of pregnancy was going to end i found myself having breathing problem. Both my nostrils had blocked. I was not able to sleep properly for 8-10 days. Only after medication i was able to sleep some 3-4 hours whole day.. Day by day as time passed i entered 9 month of pregnancy i was getting weaker and weaker.. i started having fever sometimes comes in night and then reside and sometimes comes in morning and reside again comes.. this continued for 3-4 days. I was not able to do my own work also besides household chores. Later after blood test i found myself dengue and typhoid positive..suddenly i got admitted. My amnoitic fluid amount has fallen to major extent.. i lost my 14 kg weight. Doctor tried to make the level of amniotic fluid by bottles which was given me intravenously. but everything failed.. later on he suggested to go for c-section as my baby weight was found 2.6 kg at that time and he doesnot want me to take risk for my child as it was my 1st pregnancy and after lots of treatment course was done by me and my husband then we got positive result. So finally i gave up and considering my baby health i decided to opt for c-section

My pregnancy was overall smooth and fine other than few vomiting episodes and over-sensitivity to few particular odours. I had even travelled internationally and within state during pregnancy With the onset of 9th month, gyneac suggested to limit salt intake to keep BP in check. However I didn't realize my BP was rising. In a regular check up , after completing 9 months, I went to see gyneac as I had mild headache; only to find out my BP was very high and was rising every 15 minutes. I felt little pain on upper abdomen and then The doctor declared "IT'S TIME".
My mom (yes I was at my mom's house) almost freaked out.. and called everyone in the world.
Daddy had already booked his tickets of a later due date. But BABY couldn't wait to come out..
So went in for EMERGENCY C-SECTION ..
Last pain I felt was of the anaesthesia injection.. and remember faint memories of doctors discussing over my body. Had drips to control BP, so I was immobile.
Few minutes later, I heard a squeaky cry.... woaahh !!
I asked the nurse to show me the baby.. and all I remember now is the pair of tiny eyes turning and smiling at me.
And I fell in LOVE all over again!! #csectionstory #csection #MyDelivery #bbcontest #bbcontentcreators #bbcreatorsclub

Pre- decided to c-section

My pregnancy ended with last minute c-section due 2 water break

Normal delivery....i had labour induced

Hi.. my pregnancy was smooth with no vomitings no pain no morning sickness no problem.. infact I attended my sister's wedding in 1st trimester, went to Amritsar for a vacation during 2nd trimester attended my brother's wedding in my 9th month and that to out of station... everything was perfectly fine and going smooth ... but during my regular visit to doctor... after checking, the baby movement was less because of which I had to go under the knife and had to get my baby out in this world... infact post the doctor said that I had go for a c section... I went home and got clicked with my baby bump... below is a pic just a few mints before my c section...

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My pregnancy was going normal but at the last time I didn't feel movement of My princess so I went to Gynecologist and then she checked me tell me that my water level is very low, we have to do C-section immediately. It was 26th Jan, a holiday, my Dr. Was on leave. My husband call her and she comes to the Hospital and then my C-section was done.
It was very new experience. #csectionStory #mydelivery #preganewscontest #bbccontest

So, C-section... A very big thing for a mother.

So, a C-section. A very big thing for a first time mother. I know I did not have it in me for handling the labour pains. That said, I did not mentally prepare myself for a C-section. Many of my pregnant friends opted for a C-section, I was afraid to make the choice. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and suddenly the value shot up. The doctor summoned me at 10PM on 23-April 2018. I knew somehow, that, I will be back home with my baby. I was admitted, and since my blood pressure was too high due to these drama, they scheduled for C-section on 25-April. I cried, I shouted, I was pissed off with everyone around me, although deep down, I know I can never do a vaginal delivery. I shouted at my in-laws, something I could not take back. My husband shouted back, emotions were too high. My son was born at 7:20AM, and we all forgot all the animosity for sometime. My dad, did not give away sweets to anyone. He was very quiet, since his daughter went under the knife. It took him many days to come out of this. And I understood, a father's love is more than a husband's, even though she can be happy with the latter. #CsectionStory #Mydelivery #csectionstory #mydelivery #preganewscontest #bbccontest

c section
As I am a doctor but still too fear about c-section, first delivery
Whole 8 month I'm just good praying to a God , wellbeing of baby and my.
Proper diet walking exercise even yoga so many tricks so many things to eat but still one day I feel little pain after my last ultrasound
At night I feel too much pain in lower abdomen and passes water and blood then my parents decide to take me a hospital it's like a 4:00 a.m. when I reach hospital doctors check my all reports and per vagina everything was ok but they said no rupture of membrane it's take little time they medical staff started all the line of treatment but still no progress many time Doppler can done
After 36 hours of pain my baby movements and heart sound are decreases then doctor suggest me go for c- section but my family not ready
then my condition goes worst even I can't breathe then emergency operation is operated too much pain on the bed still I am ready for because it's 36 hours
Allah Jo karta hai behtar karta hai my baby is well delivery he not cry
After aspirate from his chest all impurity,he well and I am also
anaesthesia pain I feel most of the time in winter backache after Caesar stitches pain but when I see my boy 💙 the all the pain and 36 hours without food and water so many hours in ICU but the end result I always thank my God thanks the pain#csectiondelivery #mydelivery #preganewscontest #csectionstory

Whenever a women comes to know about her pregnancy, first thing that comes in her mind is to visit a good gynaecologist as well as look out for hospital that suits her requirements the best. I also did same thing .i used prega news to confirm my pregnancy and then went to a gynaecologist whom we knew. My pregnancy was smooth and my due date was 7th November 2019..i dint face morning sickness nor vomiting nor nausea.but during 3rd month ultrasound, placenta previa was detected, but doctor said 90% of the cases placenta moves up in later stage of pregnancy. Hence i was suggested bedrest n wait for placenta to move up..i stayed positive and luckily at 5th month end, placenta was positioned at fundal posterior and everything was normal till 9th month..during entire pregnancy period i was totally positive and did baby talking n i always told my baby to come on 1st nov 2019 while my due date was 7th nov...n it happened. On 1st nov morning, i spotted bleeding hence i went to my hospital for checkup. I was diagnosed and NST was performed. Doctor said contraction have started but since i dint hav pain, they induced labor by giving an injection. also , my baby was not in cephalic position.. so we were waiting for him to come to cephalic position as well as me to get labour pain...after waiting for 12 hours, there was no improvement in either .and my baby's heart beat was sinking hence we had to undergo emergency C-section... Though i always wanted to have a normal delivery but nothing was more than my baby's life hence i made up my mind for c-section. I was taken to OT at 6.45 pm n at 7.15 pm my baby was delivered.. Believe me , the first cry of the baby is so soothing to ears that it makes us forget every pain. When i saw him for first time, i felt so so blessed and tears rolled down my eyes seeing the little angel I created. Though C-section was bit painful after operation.but that pain was just for a day and it was minimal in front of the happiness of being a mother of cute little bundle of joy . Whether C-section or Normal delivery, these are just ways of bringing a child to this world... But what matters is being positive always . If you are positive everything will be fine.. This is my positive story of my C-section delivery #csectiondelivery #csectionstory #mydelivery #mydeliverystories #preganewscontest #bbccontest #babytraining

Hiii.... Hello everyone... Shuruaat karti hu apni pregnancy se. To meri pregnancy bahot hi utar chadav se guzri hai... Har ek Sonography main mere husband aut main sirf darte the bacche ko lekar uski growth ko lekar... Uske moments ko lekar.... Lekin sab normal aur thik hota tha.... Meri pregnancy normal thi... Jab main 38th week main aai tab muje doctor ne achanak C section karne k liye advise diya... Freinds main C section k liye jara bhi ready nhi thi... Mere liye normal delivery hi karna bahot important tha... Muje bhi baaki ladies k jaisa wo delivery ka dard mehsoos karna tha... Muje bhi apne bacche ko baaki maa k jaisa paida karna tha...But kehte hai na sab kuch apne hath main nhi hota... Kuch chizen upar waale par chod dena padta hai... Maine bhi wohi kiya.... Jab doctor ne muje C section karne k liye kaha... To uss din main bahot roi... Bahot dukh hua... Ki itna excersice karne ka kya fayda... But jo hota hai acche k liye hi hota hai... Doctors ki advice bhi sahi tha... Mere bacche ka water level kam ho raha tha... Muje apne bacche ko sahi salamat iss duniya main laana tha... N isiliye maine aur mere husband ne decide kiye k hum log C section karwayenge... N sach kahu mere friends ek baar apne baby apne hath aa gaya to ye C section Or normal delivery kuch maine nhi rakhti... Bas main aur mera baby ek dusre main khush the... Aur C section delivery kuch galat nhi hai.... Bahot hi accha option hai... So ladies agar possible ho to normal delivery k liye ready hona warna C section bhi Better hai.... Aaj main 2 saal 4mahine k bacche ki maa hoo... Wo bhi C section k sath... Aur muje koi difference nazar nhi aata normal delivery k ladies aur C section k ladies main.... So freinds jo dil kahe... Jo Doctors kahe aur jo Apne bacche k, liye sahi wohi option choose karna.... Good luck nate saal main jo mommies banne waale hai... N all the best . .. #CsectionStory #Mydelivery
#csectionstory #mydelivery #preganewscontest #bbccontest

#CsectionStory #Mydelivery #BBCreatorsClub
My journey to motherhood began like most of you. I looked down at a pregnancy test and saw a positive sign. And could not believe what I saw. I sat back down on the toilet and just stared. My body felt anxious. I kept looking at the pregnancy test kit again and again in excitement. This little tiny test just told me that a baby has begun growing inside me. It was an awesome feel.
The journey went through very well, until I was scanned on a routine check up on the thirty seventh week and there came the dreadful moment. I heard the most undesirable word from my gynecologist . She asked me to get admitted in the hospital and that we needed to plan for a C-section as my amniotic fluid index was too low for the baby to move inside and they could not retain the baby anymore inside as it might kill the baby .
I was trembling with fear and speechless. I had never dreamt of such a day. We were left with no options and time in our hands, My husband prompted and gave me a smile and said “let us handle it”. Now that we have packed the bags and made up our minds, we reached the hospital on the day of the surgery fixed by our doctor.
I was taken to the laboratory to run a few blood tests and scans. My gynecologist came and checked the reports and informed the nurses to prepare me for “the day”. I was given a patient gown and after all the preparations were done they took me to the operation theatre.
My heart was literally in my mouth, tears overflowed through my eyes, my hands and legs were shivering and suddenly I felt choked and thirsty, I know for sure that I would not be given water to drink. I saw the monitor beep and blink and I felt as though I’m going to my graveyard and I panicked, I was terrified for my baby’s health condition.
I was transferred to an operating table and met two more doctors I'd never seen before. I was catheterized and held upright for anaesthesia to be administered. I could not feel anything below the waist, but could smell the burning flesh as the skin of my belly was cautioned. After forty long minutes , the doctor showed up with a baby boy in her arms. "Is that him? Is he OK ” I asked, so dizzied . He kicked me with his tiny feet in response and Thit was the moment I was waiting for.!
Childbirth is unpredictable, it was not my choice. I’m proud of what I went through and every mom should be proud of their birth journey. It is all equally amazing and surprisingly powerful.

#csectiondelivery #mydelivery #bbcreatorsclub #Mysoulfulself
Hey moms .. I was very clear of the kind of delivery I would opt for and that's because of a fellow mums moans and pains who was beside me. This happened 3 days before my water bag broke and mine was a false labor that day 😥😥😥 This lady near my bed was being prepared to induce labor and I can't tell you the pain and trauma i was going through. She was then taken into the room and her screams were so strong that the mom in me refused to ho thorugh this. I told my gynae that I don't want a normal delivery and that I'm hell scared that I wont be able to do this. By the end of the day, when they saw no signs of labor in me they sent me home, and it was then that she told me I can't have a normal delivery because my boys head is big and the dilation will take time. 😊😊I was happy hearing this and took a deep breath. 3 days post this episode, my water broke and I was rushed to the hospital. I was admitted at 4 in the morning and was taken into the OT at 8. Can't explain what these hours meant, they were precious yet scary. I had my small ganpati (my idol who remains with me all the time) in my hands but wasn't allowed to take him inside. I kissed him and said, just keep me and my baby blessed. I was very normal throughout the process and my gynae kept talking with me to keep my pulses accurate. And just when I was told to push a little as the last thing, I closed my eyes and next what i saw was my little master.
The journey of being a mom is never easy, lots told and lots untold happens. Wishing all moms and moms to be a safe life and pregnancy:)

Hi I have a 9 yo boy and was trying to be pregnant since long craving for a daughter.
It's when I gave up I found I was pregnant. That moment was incredible as my first pregnancy was easy and we didn't take much efforts.
My gynaecologist gave me a pleasantly shocking news of me carrying twins. It was surprising and confusing to what to do? But time sailed through and as a mother you are strong to handle anything what comes.
It was tough pregnancy as babies were growing and my uterus was being pressurized. I used to feel heavy all time. After 30 weeks I gave up and passed each day in trauma breathlessness, anaemia, gastric issues hovered me.
My gynae However pushed me week by week and since the babies were in breech and vertex position I had to undergo Csec in 37 weeks.
I delivered twin angel daughters and now they will turn 1 . It couldn't have been better.
Csec doesn't harm your body. Yes you recover a little late than normal delivery ladies but that's not more than 6 weeks. I recommend going for csec with spinal anesthesia as you completely feel your baby coming out also the atmosphere in OT is jolly. Both stress no shouting all bliss..

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