My pregnancy was at its final stage. It was 38 week when my doctor advised me to get ready as labour pain can start at anytime. I waited for it but nothing happened. On completing my 40 week she advised me to go for induced labor pain. I had castor oil night before getting admitted in hospital. She injected me a dose to start labor pain , with in few hours my pain started and that too was so high and unbearable. I went to washroom and within 5 mins my water bag busted. It took me 1 min to walk to my bed from washroom and within that time almost half of the water was flooded. Doctor came to check but cervix dilated only 1 cm. After waiting for long long hours it was still same and even baby was not coming down. Pain was so much, and doctor clearly said it will take more time. I was not able to take more pain and only by asking her once I got ready for c section. I was taken into operation theater, there was a small bed with lots of lights hanging over it. I was so scared with the view and with that pain. And all this time water was flowing between my legs. Doctor gave me an injection in spine and soon I felt my lower body to become heavy. I didn't realized when they cut me but when they pulled out Vivaan I felt that. He was crying vigoursly and on hearing him I was myself crying. I was given something that I was not properly conscious at that time, and even my eyes were covered too. They unveil my eyes and showed me my baby and went away. They didn't even gave me to touch him. I hated them for this thing. Soon I gained back my consciousness, I was feeling very tired that I asked doctor, how much more time do you need I m getting tired here now. And they all started laughing. "Its us who is performing operation and you are getting tired that's great" they said. And all of us laughed together in operation theater which I never thought , I will do. #acupofmotherhood #bbcreatorsclub #csection #mydelivery

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