Significance of Upanayanam, gratitude to Devi SriGayatri🌻

Upanayanam is celebrated when a child is ready to take on the responsibilities as a Brahmacharya. Marking the birth of his spiritual journey. Which means he is starting on with the first of the Ashramas where he begins with learning the Gayatri and thereafter his Gurus will help him grow his intellect, thinking, speech, actions, knowledge, perception - in accordance with Dharma.

It is understood that the child is ready for the secrets to be revealed and understood between the age of 7 to 12 and upto 25 before beginning Grahasta Ashrama.

What is the goal of human existence?

What is the purpose of life?

How to choose a profession based on individual aptitude, capabilities?

These universal challenges influence every thought, speech, action, emotion, feelings. By now the child realises that ahead of him are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, to accept and live by.

These are some of the questions the child would begin to seek answers to in the Gurukula, based on his Gotra, upbringing and such.

One thread is worn by an unmarried person. Two threads by a married person. Three threads by a person who is married, is a parent - has a child.

7 years is considered the appropriate age for a child to be invested with the sacred thread because it is seen as a huge responsibility and empowerment. By now he would have learned enough Sanskrit to chant the mantras accurately and started to evolve, see changes within himself.

Shri Adi Sankara Acharya’s upanayana is known to have been performed when he was 5 years old. Based on the child’s understanding, if a child is extraordinarily intelligent, able to articulate his speech, thoughts, actions - the upanayana may even be performed early. Much like a diamond awaiting the right time for shining from the polishing, moving from ignorance to knowledge, moving from darkness to light.

The 3 threads signify

Past, Present, Future

Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara

Saraswati, Lakshmi, Parvati

Knowledge, Wealth, Strength

Thoughts, Speech, Actions

Indebted to the Guru, Ancestors, Scholars

Satvaguna, Rajoguna, Tamoguna and such

The child embarking on Brahmacharya is leaving childhood behind and taking one step forward to receive answers of certainty from the world of uncertainty. The seeker looking for answers to ‘Who Am I’🌻

Leadership, responsibilities and such are taught by choosing to sit close to the Guru. The 64 Kalas/Arts/Techniques and 32 Fields of Knowledge are unraveled based on the interest and motivation of the child. Every day things to unleash the mind keeping in tune with principles, laws to abide by, direction from a Guru is the purpose of the ceremony.

He becomes eligible to engage in SandhyaVandanam. Also become eligible to increase the potency of the 3rd eye with Japa, Dhyanam, Sadhana.

The qualifications and well grounded training imparted, are as per the Manusmriti. Understanding the power, responsibility and how to use the knowledge going forward in manifested life, is the purpose of Upanayanam.

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Bhavna Anadkat Madhavi Cholera soumya Meenakshi Kaushik Kavita Sahany Sania Bhushan Sulbha Bathwal Himali Parikh Geethanjali Behara Aradhana Haldankar Foram K Modi saakshi Dr. AMRITA MALLIK Preeti Bharti vasu Lifeofmummyandson Avantika love Radha Amit daksh priti Swapnil Dwivedi Humera Anjum Tannu Khtrri Ankita Jhunjhunwala Akanksha Bhuri Jaishree Budhiraja Karishma Agrawal Dt Ruchita Maheshwari Sarika Jain swati Alisha Sahana Rahaman Sandhya Vivek Manisha M @ Twins munchkin mom Pradnya Rane jessy oberoi Priyanka Jaiswal Priyanka Jaiswal Sai Rajeswari mahi Anju Nidhi subhashini Kavita Singh Mansi Vandana sangwal Suma Vrushalee SB Arpita Roy Bhrukuti Mistry deepa muskan shristhy muskan Jain Yamuna aishwarya Pooja Jain (fables_of_babyv) Dr. Farah Adam Parminder Kohli Krutika Gor Aiswarya Shankar Madhavi & Yuvaan poorvi khare Amardeep Kaur Mann Shwetha Madhuri Vipra Naik Jaya Sathaye Khushboo Chouhan Mausam Pandya Mayuri Kacha pranjal tyagi Ekta Varma Nayana Nanaware Priyanka Mishra Rani Nagar Rabita Pokhrel shraddha gupta Sz Soudagar roshni trivedi Swapnil Dwivedi Manisha M @ Twins munchkin mom Himali ParikhSania Bhushan Asma shaikh soumya jessy oberoi saakshi veena s Sulbha Bathwal roshni trivedi shristhy Megha Agarwal Shivangi Gaurav Lubna Shaheen Khushboo Chouhan Pallavi Gandhi Geethanjali(tale_of_eeshaan) muskan Jain Aradhana Haldan Madhu Joshi Tannu Khtrri Akanksha Gulati Ruchi SaxenaMuskan Jain jessy oberoi saakshi Neha Geetha Desai pooo Alisha Pallavi Gandhi roshni trivedi Shwetha Gurjeet Kaur Deepthi Macharla simmi Sruthi Sing Neelam Pandey Madhuri Rathi Preeti BhartiSindhu Vinod Nara andrea Kittan Nivetha Muralidharan Lifeofmummyandson jugnu singh Rashmi Choudhury Rajashree GhoshShweta Singhvi harpreet Shabeena R Khan Swapnil Dwivedi Mahima Atishaya Kavya Jain

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