To all the people who don't know me, I'm neha .. a blogger by profession now.

The tear 2019 has been very terrific for me for various reasons. My little brother got us a beautiful bhabhi whose a woman with a beautiful soul. So this year shall hold a special place in my life...

Babychakra came into my life and got me attached to many more beautiful people. A forum that understands a mom and her needs. Their love and affection is commendable. ❤❤ cheers to us 🥂🥂

My boy whose growing beautifully is what melts my heart the most. Giving up on a full time career and nurturing him has been the best decision of my life..

My friends will always be special.they have been there through thick and thin and meeting them is like venting out completely❤❤ life would be inconsistent without having you all.

My parents and my hubby .. well am short if words here. They've landed a ear when no one was there. Low times hitting hard, taking your through a bad phase and making you feel dull and useless.. you both have helped me fight with them ... My family has been a reason for my existence!!!

A big thank you to 2019 for letting me also see difficulties that I was u aware of. I hope 2020 to be more happier and cheerful than ever. #mommy #babychakra#lifediaries#blogger#lifethroughlenses

superb picture & lovely post dear!!

Thanks so much madhavi 💕💕

wow!!! such a lovely picture :)

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