Ladies if you are pregnant or planning for pregnancy please read this post.My pregnancy was normal and there were no complication in my 9 month pregnancy. And after 1 month of delivery my baby was having complication which I was not aware of, he was crying and was not sleeping but I was unable to know what was happening with him. I have shown him to several paediatrician but was not satisfied. My baby was only 1month 7 days old when he, was sleeping he woke up in the middle of his sleep so I carry him on my shoulder and he got freeze and not moving and his eyes we're roll up and hands and legs were stiff, I immediately when to hospital and he was admitted in the NICCU it was the worst nightmare for me.

I admitted him to Mumbai's famous hospital which is only for kids Wadia hospital and Dr. Rajesh Joshi admitted him immediately and he was put on machines. He told us to get the test done of his blood which shows his calcium and vitamin D is very low than the normal range.Under his observation my baby was safe and his calcium and vitamin D range was at normal range.I ask him the reason so he told me you have not taken the calcium and vitamin D medicine. I told him I was not given such medicine. So ladies I want to tell you please take care of yourself have all your medicine on time.

very helpful post..

Yes it is helpful coz I don't want any ladies or baby to suffer this which me and my baby has suffer.

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informative post.. thanks for sharing dear...

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