Whatever the pregnancy, it is very special for everyone.And every mother is the eighth wonder of the world, which is unique in itself.

Delivery was the biggest event or greatest change in woman's life. Our elders say that this is the second birth of a woman and in reality it is the second birth.

My entire pregnancy was very complicated, complete bed rest was suggested, yet my doctor tried to have a normal delivery

No matter how much you try, it is what God wills is that what happened

I was given a date for get admitted into the hospital.I went to the evening to be admitted instead of morning and then doctor said, after full checkup, i will give you the status.

I went to the hospital with Didi and my mother, I told Didi to go back, only the checkup was going to happen.

Didi went home and I started the checkup in the doctor's chamber as soon as the doctor said that all the water is gone.means no amniotic fluid remaining in the bag.Not time to think just take a call to operate

And this is how my C-section delivery was called. Within 50 minutes staff help me and prepared me for operation and shifted me to the operation theatre

Doctor came and procedures was started i was feeling each and everything.

What the doctors were talking about with each other was completely heard, as soon as a specialist pushed the stomach a little, then i realized ,now the baby is about to pop

As soon as the baby was taken out and I saw that I had a daughter, just after that my eyes closed due to anesthesia.

After that, the baby started to darken a bit due to lack of water during the last days, the baby was put in special care for a few hours.

After that both mother and daughter were also fine.

I am happy now coz my baby is fine now and we are enjoying Beautiful journey of motherhood and childhood

So this was my C-section story.

Note.:- Skipping the complications part of pregnancy

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nicely written! lovely picture & thanks for sharing your delievery story with us dear !

Very nice..Thanks for sharing ur csec story.

So well written

great story well written

Thank you so much for sharing your story dear :)

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