Blessed by God, spoiled by my husband 💏😍

👪Having a best husband is always a blessing. People say husbands don’t help their wives at home. They just go off to their work come back and sit in front of TV and asks for everything while sitting.

👪My case is completely opposite. I don’t have my mother in law and father in law both. Only we three are here to take care of each other being happy around. Loves each other’s company.

👪My both sister in law live overseas and my own parents also live sat samundar paar with my lil brother hence they were not able to make it everytime.

👪I myself don’t like having permanent maid and I don’t prefer eating food made by some other person.

👪 My husband is headchef of house😛

I didn’t know how to cook before marriage and till now I am not a good cook , completely spoiled by my husband.

👪 The day I entered into this house with my husband from breakfast to dinner he is the one who rules our kitchen. He loves cooking and feeding me too😄

👪 Even helps me in all house chores infact after coming back home from work he takes care of Mirvaan and asks me to take rest.

He gives me massage somedays 💆‍♀️

👪It might sounds dreamy but it’s beautiful and sweet truth of my life.

Its just, you get what u give.

Blessed to have Vaibhav as partner in crime, soulmate, best companion , sasu maa🧐👵 and best friend 😍

Guys please share how your husband / mother in law spoils you. It will be fun to know #bbcreatorsclub #newparent #parentinghelp #happywe

very lucky you are! nicely written & lovely picture dear!!
my in laws & hubby supports me a lot !

Aww thts so sweet of him

Thank youMadhavi Cholera its always good to hear from people specially nowadays that husbands and inlaws are supportive what else a lady want s. :)

Thank youMuskan Jain Sonali Puneet Maggu :)

Very lucky u r 💕superb post

kavita jaiswal indeed, thank you☺️

Roop_;(chancygoodnessoflaxmi) indeed, thank you☺️

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