🌺 Physical Stats

Weight - 3.4kg

Height - 20"

🌺 Feeding

Breastfeeding ( every 2hours )

🌺 Diapers

Cry as the diaper gets wet.

Change around 15-20

disposable diapers.

Incase of Cloth diapers

10-12 wet clothes

8-10 dirty clothes

🌺 Sleeping

Wakes up every 2hours.

( 18-21 hours of sleep )

🌺 Bath

Regular bath.

Twice head bath.

Oil massage - every alternative


🌺 Clothes

When born, he was using

newborn clothes. End of

1month he was using

0-3months baby clothes.

🌺 Likes

Loves mamma, loves feeding

time, sleeping

🌺 Dislikes

Bath, being hungry.

🌺 Smiles often in sleep, recognises mamma & start crying.

This is all about my son's 1st month update. I shared this hoping if u r a new mommy or a mom-to-be this would help u in anyways. Each baby is unique & meets physical milestones at their own pace.

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Wow!! Very helpful post dear..Thanks for sharing.

Lovely pic..😍

Wow♥️♥️♥️ lovely pic

thanks for sharing dear..
pic is super cute!

Very helpful post for new mom

very helpful post

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