We know we have each other and have planned out retirement.

Various options which you can do while planning your retirement

1. NPS - annualised returns as of now are 8-10% and fair better than EPF. The equity exposure cap is 50%.

2. PPF- it's for 15 years and can be extended for 5 years more. This can be used as corpus fund while planning your retirement.

3. Real estate - as it's said Roti, Kapda aur Makan - 🥖👕🏘️ - are basic indicator for any self financially independent person, always invest in real estate, either by buying property or investing in REITs

4. Pension plans/retirement funds - there is a big market of funds available. Analyse the number of years left for your retirement and corpus you need to build before investing.



Pic by @ambicaphotography

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Informative post..

superb post & pic as usual dear !!

Thank you durga salvi Madhavi Cholera

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