whats the reason of low placenta?

As per Advise by our expert Dr Nikhil-

Well there is no reason for low lying placenta. Placenta developed at the place where the embryo sticks to the inner wall of uterus

is there any risk due to low lying placenta?

what precautions I need to take. as I m I 13th week right now. does it requires complete bed rest.?

yes complete bed rest is good as placenta takes time to move..... Don lift heavy items, stay positive,

Its quite comnan, i ws facing dis prob... U cn say out of 10 ladies 3-4 ladies has low placenta... Tk gd rest n no heavy item lifting.
I wl move upword as yr uterus grows In few months

bed rest like complete? ? no walking within house also?

you can walk from your bed to bathroom and you can walk short distance... how much rest you take it will benefit you... take care

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