Hi... recently i gave birth to a cute girl jahanvi my first baby. she is now 2 months old. i had c section n due to this i was unable to feed my baby as milk supply was too low. then i bottlefeed her with nan pro 1 formula. but now i want her to get back to breastfeeding. i m facing problems in latching also. i got sore nipples n cuts n bleeding problem also. now m affraid of mastitis disease ......dnt knw wat to do. n baby also refusing breastfeed...pls help me.

why don't you consult a doctor

Hi pooja . Congrats on your new baby. Many moms have c section and do breastfeed. Pls keep trying and dont give up. Try expressing your milk too. You may consult a lactation expert. All the best

Thanks dear.. i hope so things will be better soon...

i was confused to whom should i consult a breast specialist, child specialist or a lactation consultant.

It will improve. Have you posted this as a question snd mark ask the expert?

As m new here....dont knw much abt experts.. didnt mark ...

better meet lactation consultant

ok...thanks to all ..:-)

Hey pooja, congratulations... I had faced the same issue but got a second chance to breastfeed.. my mother in law told me before breast feeding feed the baby for a minute with 5-10ml bottle milk and then pull the bottle out and start breast feeding.. my baby was back on breast feeding in 2 days..

try some home take onion seed wit milk in early mrng wen u wake up.....n have curry

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