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♈ Aries: You are in the right direction and what beautiful cards came for you today. You share courage you get courage, you share trust you receive trust, you share confidence you receive confidence. It’s a very simple formula today for you, what you give is what you’re going to get back from the universe. Suspend your entire day in positive thinking and positive speech because that is going to be the exact answer for you from the creator. You are extra sensitive to energies and emotions right now. Honor yourself and your feelings. By speaking negative and doubting your destiny you do not honor yourself and you put yourself in a very vulnerable situation. Show that strength that is in born in you. Maroon and white or you’re lucky colors today.

♉ Taurus: You feel so relieved and transformed in your love life that you want to take a trip with your lover. You’re planning a retreat or relaxation with your partner so that you can reconnect and give rebirth to your relationship. Angels are opening the hearts of everyone involved, arguments and conflicts are being resolved now. After a very long time you are seeing some relief in your love life and some organic connection is building up. Just don’t take it for granted and embrace it with an open heart and mind. This trip is going to renew your connection and you will start new understanding for the future between the two of you. Black and brown are your lucky colors today.

♊ Gemini: Your angels are with you in your time of need, helping your heart to heal. You are following your guidance and this transformation is really testing you by each passing day. You take one step forward and you feel your emotions are pulling you to steps backwards. But keep going as I see you are doing excellent and you’re going in a very indifferent place in each and every relationship that makes you feel suppressed and isolated. We do not have relations in our life so that we can feel fulfilled we have relations in our life which make us feel fulfilled with our own selves. Relations without any judgment without any belittling. Blue and yellow are your lucky colors today.

♋ Cancer: Absolutely and only concentrate on your career today. Your life purpose is triggering to a blessed career change and you cannot allow your mind to give any power or any of your focus to the politics that is around you or to what people think about you. All you have to see is your success your work and your growth. There are so many jealous people around you who actually hate to see your mental stability and they just want to say one thing to throw you off balance and you cannot prove them right because you have really come along way in achieving that detachment from frivolous connections and frivolous people. Focus on going on top of the world as once you are on the top you cannot hear people who are really below. Royal blue and red are your lucky colors today.

♌ Leo: Your entire peace of mind and harmony depends on the new chapter of life to begin. You are finding yourself in a very frustrated place where you don’t know how and when this new opportunity or new life will begin for you. Don’t analyze and focus on that too much, you are expecting everything to just happen miraculously without you moving an inch. It can’t happen like that my friend. Do not hold back right now, the timing is perfect and you’re ready to soar. You have to believe that you will be rewarded only once you put your intentions into action. So just go for it and I promise you you will see success and that new life that you are seeking for. Purple and green are you lucky colors today.

♍ Virgo: Abundance, new vision, and success are in your cards today. What a fantastic beginning from here and now. You have finally learned how to seize the day my friend, and all the spiritual work that you have put in to balance your body mind and soul is finally paying off. Give a lot of gratitude to the universe today and definitely make some charity or help some needy people to keep yourself humble and grounded. Whatever decisions you take today are going to be towards the path of success as it is all new vision and it is divinely guided. Light green and orange are your lucky colors today.

♎ Libra: I see you working a lot towards being a healthy body in and out, that is a brilliant decision that you’ve taken for yourself. You are in the mood to only concentrate on the quality of life rather than the quantity. Whether it comes to relationships, food, what you wear etc. etc. Everything has to be quality now for you as you do not want to compromise and you desire to only experience the finest in life. Notice the loving guidance you hear inside your mind or from other people as today is a day where the universe will speak to you and it could be by any means. Just don’t brush off anything that you hear today and you may actually get your guidance from the least expected person. Mustard and rose gold are your lucky colors today.

♏ Scorpio: Today’s not the day for any kind of politics or political statements. You need to have crystal clear intentions and you need to voice them very clearly. You cannot have this in that and you cannot confuse the people around you who communicate with you and if you think you cannot do that then I will suggest you to maintain silence today be clear of what you desire, and focus upon it with unwavering faith. If you are going to think of pleasing people today and not coming out with your entire truth you may actually come out worse. Truth always set us free and liberates us in order for us to fulfill our dreams into reality. Have a massage therapy, probably some kind of meditation today as you need to really relax so that you can focus on how you’re going to approach from now. Black and grey are your lucky colors today.

♐ Sagittarius: You definitely need to declare to be able to rise at your workspace and your house today. Your entire energy is haywire because of so much clutter everywhere, in your office, and your room even in your wallet and purse. There is so much garbage everywhere that you really need to sort out as I see a massive block in the flow of analogy and actually it is even irritating you to next level. So don’t procrastinate and delete, just get it done, take out a lot of clothes that you haven’t worn in the last two years give them away for charity or just get rid of them. There is so much paperwork, broken things, stopped watches stopped clocks around you that in spite of you being in good time you cannot feel it. Pista Green and yellow are your lucky colors today.

♑ Capricorn: I think you have partied so much in the last few days that you are physically exhausted. Just take a multivitamin and get onto your work because there is so many opportunities for you these days that you really cannot be lazy. The worst is now behind you and your surmounting any previous challenges. I see some massive 3 to 4 celebrations Coming your way in the next six months and you have to really work very hard right now so that you can have all those celebrations and not miss out on one of them. but to stay connected to the source is today’s the day for you to pray or visit Pilgrim an offer prayers and seek blessings. This is going to cleanse your energy and your aura will be charged again. Brown and yellow are your lucky colors today.

♒ Aqarius: You are an extremely detached zodiac, and that is one of the reasons you can say things the way they are, you are a straight shooter and you don’t like to sugarcoat anything. But I see you in a kind of a tricky situation where you don’t want to repeat your past mistakes and you want to please everyone around you. I will suggest you to be courageous and stand up for your beliefs as believing in something else and saying something else is making you extremely unhappy and physically exhausted. You are going to be who you are and don’t try to change yourself because you cannot become someone else and their journey and your journey are supposed to coexist together not to exchange the destiny plan. Dark purple and beige are your lucky colors today.

♓ Pisces: Today’s a day where you may come to some compromise as you do want to give the benefit of the doubt and don’t want to repent later. Give your cares and worries to your angels and allow them to take away your burdens. You are extremely innocent and sometimes you are very vulnerable. But have an open mind to receiving blessings from the universe as your receptive tea is blocked due to past experiences. I see a bit of trauma that you feel inside of you and you must try to heal from it. There are many alternative therapies to do that like meditation, yoga, Ricky, spiritual response therapy etc. There are so much holistic treatments to offer. compromising is not a bad thing sometimes it actually proves to be the best decision in certain situations. Light blue and bottled green are your lucky colors today.

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