How long does the fever last for hand foot and mouth disease? Also how many days is there soar throat?

Hi Priya, my daughter just recovered from hfmd about a couple of weeks ago. Her doc said the fever will last about three days, after which the rashes will appear and susequently start going away a day or two later. Since the rashes in the mouth remain wet, it took longer to go. All in all, it took about 7 days for her to come back to normal. Her appetite took a longer time to get better, though! Practically lived on milk and ice cream for a week to ten days. Heard from a lot of mothers of toddlers who went through the same thing that it took 7-10 days for everything to get back to normal and settle down. Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot Divya! You helped. My boy has low fever only at night but soar throat no fever. Waiting and watching for next symptoms/ improvements

yes it does take about a week to completely settle.. and my doc said usually towards the end of HFM kids get cold..nothing to worry.. he'll be fine soon

yes my son recovered from HFM in a week's time. He is doing fine now and it quite common in kids in the age group 4 to 5 yrs.

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