my baby has stopped kicking since yesterday evening, I am currently in my 21st week and have been feeling movement since 18 weeks. please let me know if I should be worried or patient?? i do have an anterior placenta but never had trouble with feeling the kicks.. M freaking out a little. pls help.

dnt wry b strong .check wid ur dctr ..

if it's been pretty long that you have not felt the movements, consult your gyn and go for checkup. have you tried eating something sweet or cool n lying down after that? it also helps to trigger the baby's movements

please contact your doctor

Don worry stay strong

just drink warm milk n lye down on left side n feel the movement if not then go to dr

whnever u get suspicious like this eat a chocolate or something sweet or any of ur favorite food. if the gap increases u must go for NST. towards the 8th n 9th month this is common but should not be avoided

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