hi all moms, i have a baby girl 4 yrs old. need to know about safe baby shampoo as her hair is dry n frizy

mothercare is good...have also heard of himalayas n seba med being good...

Hello. For dry and frizzy hair you can apply oil as well.

Are you giving an oil massage to your baby? U can use organic coconut or olive oil for massage. Should be good for her hair.

thanks moms for ur reply. ya 5 days of week she has oil in her hair. n i was also thinking about mothercare but does it make hair less freezy??

Himalaya makes her hair more dry, started with that shampoo but , :(

Better use Aveeno

mothercare products

I been through their ingredients both have SLS which is harmful, instead Himalaya shampoo is safe. also Burt's bee is safest most product

use chicoo product

By age 4 you can use regular shampoo or aveeno products

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