Hello to all new moms and moms-to-be... I'm posting this as a solution for hairfall after pregnancy....

I had my first pregnancy and my hair really grew in length and was luscious throughout my pregnancy but soon after pregnancy, I started losing a lot of hair.... I was really worried about my hair and had to cut it short.

I wanted my old hair back and I was ready to spend money for that.I didn't want to spend money in a parlour for spa so I bought a spa cream for myself n for that the brand I chose was Schwarzkopf.... I bought Schwarzkopf spa masque along with hair repair shampoo and conditioner from the same brand costing about Rs 2100+....

after shampooing with Schwarzkopf shampoo n applying conditioner,I towel dried the hair n applied the spa masque+serum on both my scalp n hair...after that I used to steam my hair for over 10 minutes n wash it off again....repeating this over 2 weeks,I discovered that my hairfall has gradually reduced and it has become some more silky smooth. I had sticky hair now that problem has been reduced.

if u r ready to spend Rs 2100+ for a Schwarzkopf products I've mentioned,u can save rs 3000+ that u spend in parlour on a monthly basis...

-from personal experience

Anjana Rahul

-Happy Parenting!-

Where can I buy this product

Where I buy this

Where can I buy this product

you can order it in amazon.... I got it like that....

this is the spa masque I've mentioned....

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for the serum,u can use streax

Anjana thank you so much for sharing this!!!

thanks Anjana for sharing this as every mother faces this problem

I'm really glad to be if help.... thank u...

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