Hi... I am a mom of 4 months old baby boy... Kindly suggest the best ways for storing baby's dresses and things...

Welcome to Babychakra Priya. There are some fun fun and easy ways of doing that. Refer to these articles for ideas with pics!

Hi Priya. Hope you find these articles useful. Make more space because your needs will grow with your child. Happy storing!

I haven't got any idea to store his dresses :( can someone suggest on it plz? Should I go for a wardrobe now itself or is thr any other way. I planned of buying him a wardrobe when he turns one

You can check for foldable kids wardrobe option.
It takes less space and useful too.

ur dp is so sweet priya nava

there r lot of options available today for storing baby your child grows u will require more space. so plan accordingly.

I've used a briefcase n a basket to store her clothes.... and reserved a specific row in our cupboard for her towels...

Thank u all so much for ur valuable comments. great response :) :)

U can buy a small rack where you can organise ur baby clothes, diapers, shoes all separately . It will b v convenient to you later when u plan for a wardrobe u can use this one for his story books and toys

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