when can I start letting my daughter use a walker.?. she has now entered her 8th month. She wants me to carry her all day.. I thought a walker would help.!

Hi mary I'm ramya.. I had a baby boy whoz 4months 15 days old.. I strtd keeping him in walker as fast as he entered 4th.. All my family does dt believing kids to learn sitting standing N walking in walker... urz is 8 mnth old kid.. I believe she cn b placed in a walker..

thanks dear ramya

mine is also 8 months...plz explain....does she sit up all by herself? does she stand straight without legs trembling when u try making her stand? if she doesn't sit up by herself,u start making her sit,she will learn to sit later soon after u try several times everyday....

walker is not gud fr baby below 6 mnths as thts not d age wen baby can stand and it forcefully mks ur baby stand n bcoz of tht ur babies knee gets weak n sumtimes dey dnt walk properly as well.... u can consult doc for same evn doc wil not suggest walker...

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