Hello Friends,

One of my friend is expecting a child and she wants an old experienced jape vali lady after her delivery..We have heard they came from Kolkata and they are really good in handling kids..Of any of you have their contact no.,it will be of great help.Thank You

Hi Shruti. Which location does your friend need the japa maid ? You can search for your it based on your location under services.

whts dis japa

japa is time period of 2 months after delivery..

hii shruti..just keep in mind that your friend would have to keep an eye on the maid as well as sometimes they might b inexperienced..she can get them in her locality..she should ask some people around her....there are agencies too which provide u these maids

@priya sood: she is situated in South Delhi

@ishu:you are right..she has to keep an eye..She wants some experienced care taker not from local agencies..the Kolkata baby care taker are very good in these services and in very demand.but she couldn't I thought to post here

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