hello... I have undergone lscs on 15 Oct and m using abdominal belt... to support my stitches ....I want to know can I use tummy Tucker....

a lot of ppl including doctors suggested me not to use these belts for some months. please be comfortable with your fat and appreciate urself for becoming a mother. u can always lose weight when u stop breastfeed

As advised by BabyChakra expert Dr Riddhi Chandarana.

She is just 15 days old to her lscs so she needs to wear the abdominal belt to support her back . Not to take her tummy in . Tummy tucker will not allow uterus to come back to its Pre Pregnant state which it does in these 6 weeks . Instead of tummy fat reducing , it will remain . Tummy fat might go only if she starts workouts after 6 weeks . Till then only belt

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