Hi friends..... I wanted to ask you that I live alone with my husband and this is my 8th month, my due date is 22nd December. What necessary arrangements should I make before my baby is born.... Means in terms of maid, clothes, someone for cooking. I want ur suggestion so that I don't miss out anything as I am very worried as I have no one to help...

Emergency contact no.,one female family member,nearest hospital,ambulance contact no.etc...

please keep a bag ready with your clothes... undergarments.. powder... and for baby folding cloth... keep ur hospital number with you...

Ok thanq so much

Hi Jyoti! We all are here for you. As mentioned do keep an ambulance and friends number handy. hospital bag pls discuss with your gynecologist what all is required. I never used most of my stuff. For your return home yes it is better if you jave a cook or maid so you can take proper rest and attend to the baby. Any other queries feel free to ask.

Thanks a lot priya...

please find help it is mandatory for first 2 3 months.. with baby driving you crazy.. u need help.. 24 hours help... keep the bag ready n relax... u r in the best phase of your life..!!

before ur due dates make dees arrangements dat hav been told above and along oll dees arrangents buy some cozy clothes for d babies, make sure u hav a good number of clothes as baby may make dem dirty by throwing milk n bcoz winters hav cum it bcoms lil difficult to dry clothes, buy a small folding almirah for ur baby n keep ur babies diapers, clothes n wet wipes, bathing stuff in dat n keep d almirah close to ur bed so dat it can be handy for u to grab d things, buy a dustbin n keep it also near ur bed so dat u can throw dirty diapers n other stuff n do buy d smallest size polythenes for throwing d diapers( incase u want to use diapers)

hope dis will help u

and one more thing, visit any baby shop, they will themselves tell u oll d things required for a new born

Thanks u so much dear....

First of all congratulations. This is the great time in your life. U r going to be mother. Motherhood is great time in woman life. So u need to learn to be aware with every thought and actions. Bez ur baby already started to receiving from u.

Please don't judge anything Iike only baby boy or girl.. It's not in ur hands..

malishwali for u n baby, some particular kind of food is to be consumed during initial months so that u n baby catch cold or other infection, cotton clothes to swaddle baby they love to be swaddled check you tube n learn how to do it

Touch ur womb every day combinely with ur husband say to ur baby.. We are happy to welcome u in this world.. We r waiting for you... Give this affirmation daily few times.. With heartful touch..

Thanks a lot everyone.

aapko ab gond k laddu khane k liye bana lene chahiye. isse aap strong ho jaoge or after delivery aap ko week ness b kam hogi.

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