dear moms,my 5th month baby is not feeding well in ma left breast whenever I used to feed him by that breast he used to feed initially bt afterwards he used to cry..ignoring to latch...after struggling for sumtym he latches well from my right breast while sleeping he latches n satisfied with ma left side breastfeeding..y dis happens wen he is not asleep??..if u say the milk is not enough or ear infection then how he feeds well while he sleep...plz guide me hw shld i make him feed well in both the side..thank u

As per Advised by our expert Dr Riddhi (Prenatal) -
Hi Mahalaxmi ,
The correlation with feeding during sleeping and feeding when awake is Whichever position is easy and comfortable for baby , baby will choose that over the other . It can happen that when he is awake , he is distracted a lot and that's why he is unable able to feed when he is not asleep .
If u feel the milk supply is not less - check on this -
10-12 feeds in a day , every feed lasting for 20-45 mins , 6-10 urine outputs , 1 stool output a day , good physical activity and healthy weight gain . This is normal . If anything beyond this, then your supply is less .

Also check on the baby s latch . Is the baby s latch good on the left side also ?

stool output is more than once..sumtym yellow watery latches only for 7-10 mins only when he is not asleep..if he sleeps den more than 10 mins he is der any issue in time constraint too???..plz do repl

most of the babies like this only when sleepy just try ur left. because I m doing like this way

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