can I give parle G biscuit to my 5.5 month old son? he love licking the biscuits.anything else I can start at this age for him for feeding? plzzzz suggest.

as Dr suggest not to give any foreign food apart from mother milk till 6month . so suggest you wait for 15 days more

No please avoid biscuits...Only bm till 6months and avoid salt n sugar till one year...

pls don't give the baby biscuits till he starts solids.

no biscuits till 6 months n ltr also start wit biscuits which will b light to digest...lik marie

nothing to be given to babies until six months

Exclusive BF the baby for the 1st 6 months. Then u cud start on semi solid foods. Biscuit is a strict no. After 6 months u can introduce the child to Some fruits and veggies since he like licking.

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