Pregnancy has been known to take its toll on the mother both physically and mentally. And though a lot of these things have become reversible with the improvement in the medical research and technology, there are some things that are yet difficult to cure. One of these things that cannot be cured is diabetes. The only way to keep living with diabetes is to keep it in control and to make significant changes in your diet. Speaking of diabetes, there is one, in particular, that might develop when you are pregnant. This type of diabetes is known as Gestational Diabetes. Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a condition of abnormally raised blood sugar levels (also called ‘glucose intolerance’ or ‘hyperglycemia’) that may occur in the second part of the pregnancy. It occurs when the blood glucose level (blood sugar level) of the mother goes too high during pregnancy.


1. INSULIN- It is the most basic and significant way of keeping the sugar level in check. So, your doctor will probably prescribe you insulin shots or tablets based on the severity.

2. EXERCISES- Regular walks,

3. PROPER DIET- What most people sometimes do not understand is that a healthy and proper diet can go a long way in preventing a lot of illnesses and even controlling diabetes. So, make a proper health plan and follow it. Consume a lot of protein foods during meal and snack times. These foods do not turn into glucose after digestion and they can help you feel full. Protein is found in foods such as eggs, chicken, fish, meat, tofu, nuts, seafood, nut butter, cheese and seeds. Eat 3 meals and 3 snacks, 2 to 3 hours apart...

A sample diet plan like-

7.00am- 1glass of low fat milk+ 2 wheat rusks+ 6 soaked almonds

9.00am- Besan/ mung dal chilla+ salad like carrot, spinach+ a small bowl low fat curd or 2 egg omlette+ 2 slice wheat bread or a big bowl of veg. upma/ oats upma..

11.00am- fruits like apple/ guava/ pomegranate

12.00pm- coconut water/ a lemonade

1.30pm- Brown rice pulav+ cucumber, tomato salads+ dal tadka/ fish curry

2.30pm- buttermilk

4.30pm- tea (sugar free) + wheat and methi kakra

6.00pm- museli/ wheat flakes+ milk( low fat)+ apple

7.00/ 7.30pm- chiken/ vegetable soup

8.00pm- multigrain roti+ palak paneer+ salad

10.00pm- milk+ 6 soaked almonds..

it is just a sample.. i would suggest you to get a similar diet plans with a good dietician..

In pic- normal values of OGTT

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asha chaudhry thank you so much for always reminding me to write on amazing topics 😀

Superb post! I wish I had known about this a year back! We did have to go through some trial and error methods and regular monitoring to keep our GDM at bay! Thanks for the post. This is super informative!

My gosh Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa !!!!!!! Where do u find the time and energy in ur crazy day at work and home as a dr & mom to help all of us so unconditionally?!!! Thank u!

Awesome doc:)

Thats great to hear,,, you guys managed this condition so wisely Kartik Kujur :) thank you so much!!!

asha chaudhry i promise less,,, but if i do- then i ensure to keep it :) this is my promise to myself that i will be an active mom in BC app; forever,,, may be BC gets bored of me 😁😁

Okay with all the pain and mess I dint feel thankful,; I was monitored for continuous 2 days and declared I have no diabetes now. Uff what a relief ! So all the GD moms pls relax.

Thank you :)) Satarupa B Kaur

Thank you so much Khushboo Chouhan

Thats a great recovery becca :)) Rebecca Prakash

Dr. Shilpitha I How? Kaun si chakki ka aata khaatey ho aap

Very useful Shilpitha!

Very useful Shilpitha!

Ha ha ha Richa Kaushik this is my mil's fav dialogue 😁 thank you dear!!

Thanx much Palak Thakur 😊

Thank you so so much Dr. Payal M 🤗

Rajamani Revauthi thank you 😊

Truly Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa; u r really an inspiration.; How to manage the task definitely a super mom n doc both. Thanks .

Thanx much Angel Agrawal these words inspires me more 😀

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