hey hi all i wan to loss weight but m on breastfeeding. i hv 2mth old baby. before pergancy my weight was 52 nw its 68. pls hlp. wat to eat n wat to do.

As advised by Babychakra Expert - Sonali shivlani (Prenatal) -
Weight loss while breast feeding is natural due to breast feeding. Provided you eat the right foods. Avoid saturated fats and sugar foods. Eat a balanced diet which includes unrefined carbs like wheat nachni jowar brown rice, lots of fruits and veggies, protein foods like pulses and lean meat and skimmed milk products. Have plenty of fluids and take all your supplements.

thanx sonali

Do not diet if you are feeding. Just have healthy food instead of junk. Even I stared dieting after my dd turned 2. Till that time enjoy eating and be proud of your pounds

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