hii please tell me should a baby watch tv? my angel is of 4 months..from last month she watchs tv for 1 or 2 hr including cellphone screen.she keeps on rubbing her wyes and there is sticky water in corners of her eyes..i used boiled cotton to wipe her eyes but no use..initialy i thought it was sue to her long her but now her hair hv been cut there is no diffrnce..please tell me is it okay to watch tv?

TV cellphone and tablets are passive viewing and are best avoided till two years of age. After that also it should be for a limited time and supervised.

tx sonali maam

can u please explain in detail what happns to baby if he watchs? m to make others understand it

U should strictly avoid letting her watch TV or mobile screen as baby is jus 4 months.... Any ways there will be tym wen baby will be 3/4 yrs u will have to grant a permission for that... but I believe not more then 1/2 an hour a day. That's wt I do with my 5 yr old kid. Mobile screen produces more dangerous rays then TV. so only 1/2 an TV is allowed in my case

tx bhairvi..

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