I love my boys.

This is them reading in the dark because I said its light out time.

So Papa took it to another level while obligingly taking moms and sonny boys sentiments into consideration.

What did I do??

Feel angry?? Yes.

Feel amused?? Yes.

Feel content?? Strangely yes.

Here's a daddy who will watch out for his family no matter what. Not only did he respect what I said, but also gave consent to what his son had been yearning for on; Saturday night.

What are your daddy moments which bave made your heart swell??

#momathon2 #takes2toparent #parentingstyle

haha!! but wouln't it strain their eyes?

Khushboo Chouhan I'm sure. But I'm sure its one of those days. Sometimes its best to surrender to the beauty of a moment.

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So cute.. so obedient family

Hey thats nice ....
Me too experienced such a Daddy; moment recently ....
My Diva was suffering from loose motions since Sunday morning , so Papa dear who needs a full fledged meal all the time (starters and deserts included ) suggested that we all have a khichdi or simple rice dal meal for a few days we continue to hv it till today :-)
Anything for my Diva (papa)

Beautiful moment

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