meri daughter 2 month ki h.use seedha sulana chahiye ya ek taraf karwat le k?

put her flat only. if she herself turns to a side don't stop her and neither force her to a side also. let her do it naturally

Baby won't be able to stay on his side. Make him lay on back. eventually your baby will start tossing and turning by himself.

but maine suna hai ki gals ko seedha sulane s unke kandhe chaude ho jaTe hain

on the stomach also do not put till the head stands still else they will have difficulty in breathing looks like Ur lo is just 2months.

all those are a myth so please ignore.

ok thanks a lot

Just go by natural instinct of ur baby. Rest are myths

Hey kinjal like Wat I said on ur last night's query... Let the baby sleep on her back... However if the baby turns a bit on her side while sleeping, it's perfectly alright...

ok thanks preetjyot

kuch chude nehin hota hai don't believe on myth...let her enjoy the childhood..... don't force her..

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