my baby is 1 nd a half mths n my husband r trying to make her sleep with her granny...she used to when 1 mth old bt nw she harasses me alot...she doesnt sleep for d whole night...what can b d reason? what should i do? plz help

Hi Nikita. Maybe baby misses you at night and wants you to give her security and comfort. You must be breastfeeding as well right? mom brings her 2 me for feed...den aftr feeding i again make my daughter sleep der nly...dat ws vry comfortable for all of my daughter is getting vry fussy

Hi Nikita, it could be a growth spurt, when your baby is learning something new or is reaching a milestone they tend to behave this way. I can understand it must be exhausting. You can try making her sleep with you and see if she is still fussy.

okk...let me try thnx

I feel baby is seeking you, as she seems to settle if she's with you?

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