Normally, The upper half of the uterus is rich in blood vessels and thus the favoured spot for implantation.
However, the foetus sometimes implants in the lower portion of the uterus. This is when you have a low lying placenta.
A low lying placenta is looked upon with fear and distrust by most women. That is because we rarely know the ;whole truth about this phenomenon.
Most low lying placentas are diagnosed in the first trimester. They are often rectified later in the pregnancy. But some may not change till the last trimester.
Here are some facts that you must know about this pregnancy related risk factor-
- If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy and you have low lying placenta, then there is a strong possibility that it will move up. As the uterus expands upwards with time, the placenta will move up towards the upper half.
- You need to be careful and take rest but that does not mean you are strictly confined to the bed. You can move around as long as you do not strain yourself. But you surely should not lift any heavy weights.
- If you have low lying placenta in the first trimester, then there is no reason why your pregnancy should be declared high risk. Beyond the third trimester, low lying placenta is a cause of worry.
- The chances of preterm labour increases when you are in your last stage of pregnancy. However, if you take ample rest, there is nothing to worry about a premature delivery.
List of Do's and Don'ts-
- You need to drink as much water and fluids as you can. Fluids help the placenta to move upwards.
- You need to rest yourself to the fullest. Do not take any stress like long standing, climbing, walking, coitus, lifting heavy objects.
- You need to measure your steps when you have low lying placenta. Never get up with a start or sit down with a thud. You also need to walk carefully and make an deliberate attempt to walk slowly.
- Just be careful and follow the advice of your obstetrician. Many women are live witnesses of the fact that a low lying placenta can move up, so do not worry.
- Keep an eye on fetal movements everyday.
- Any kind of P/V leaking or spotting or bleeding or strong contractions or abdominal tightening, check with your OBG asap. #gynecaffairs
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Big gynea karma ur way Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa !!!! Cant thank u enuf!

asha chaudhry; 😊 thanx for topic 😀

Neha Agarwal , Dr. Praveen Singh , Priya Sood


Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa , in my second pragnancy, on 5th month , dr told me that i had this problem.she said me about low lying placenta nd i hd no any knowledge about it..i started crying, just listning that it causes premature delivery..she asked me for complete bed rest..as i had responsibility of my first child..

Madhavi Cholera rest is advised to avoid the unnecessary risks.. once the placenta moves upwards then nothing to worry..

I had a low lying placenta throughout the pregnancy till my darling was born ..last scan also showed placenta acreta ...but by the grace of God; all was well :-)

I also faced it in first trimester with some spotting but later it move up

Hi, I too faced this thru out my pregnancy.

I also had low lying placenta throughout the pregnancy.;

Hello doc ....i have low lying placenta problem persisting even in the third trimester.it was reachinv the Os in the first trimester and now it is about 1.6 cm from the Os. I am in my 33 week .....what are the chances that i can deliver the baby vaginally please

roop bhatti hi,, it is a good sign that placenta is away from os.. still if it moves bit upwards and if baby have head down position then there are more chances of delivering vaginally.. if there is no changes in position then 50% chance you will be delivering through c-section

Bhavani.R.Mukunda this may help you..

How do you manage to write?? Wonderful !!! So many hidden talents 😀

Thanx much Dr. Praveen Singh 😀

Thanks a lot Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa; it is very helpful... Mine placenta is marginal previa nd m 24 weeks now is there still chance to move placenta upper side.... In the 19th week scan it showed low lying placenta

Yes Varsha Naik there are chances.. wait till last trimester..

Thank you Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa 😊

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