It's raining depression in BABYCHAKRA! Every week one or other moms break down and cry what they are going through after delivery (Including me) All these moms were once excited about their delivery and holding their babies but what now?


Giving birth to your baby is not all about packing your hospital bags, buying all beautiful clothes, going bonkers over firstcry sale, photo shoot( What a trend this has become), selecting names and nick names, updating Facebook, BabyChakra and WhatsApp "It's a Girl" or "Boy it is". Sorry I'm breaking the rosy picture of yours but let's talk about this and deal this. Don't think I'm scaring you.. All I'm trying to do is making you aware of things which is going to happen once you give birth and how you can prepare yourself for this.

BYE BYE SLEEP: Sleep as much as you can now because you are not going to get more than an hour sleep for first 40 days at least. The baby needs feed every 1 hr and you need to get up and feed, burp the baby and put the baby to sleep which will take an hour and by the time you try to close your eyes the next feeding session will start, let's not forget the diaper change in between.

Get help here, ask someone to take care of the baby when you take a nap ( we'll it will be anywhere between 5 mins to 45 mins) and sleep whenever the baby sleep. Again it's not going to make much difference because you got pee, poo, brush the teeth, take bath and eat. My mom use to wake me up and say "brush and eat your food you need to breastfeed" 😲😣 first 40 days my mom was my enemy 😂 I use to take out all my anger on her.

EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING: Not so easy as you think, before making any promise to yourself that you will breast feed for 1 year 2 years hold on. You might have sore nipples, engorged breast or your baby might not latch. You may choose to give formula but again that comes with pros and cons like Colic, gas etc and cleaning and steralise of the bottles is not easy.

Deal with this.. Be prepared. In this you can't seek help as the breast is yours but you can ask someone to give burp to the baby. I use to say " Why did not God create men in such a way that they can breastfeed as well?? Why do they have those breast then? 🤣"

NON STOP CRIES : I was told by mom that babies cry only for 3 reasons.. when they are hungry, when they want to sleep, when they have some pain( mosquito bites, ant bite, stomach ache) So I was all ready to feed her when she is hungry.. Put her to sleep when she wants to sleep and look for mosquitos and ants.. WOW What an easy job I say! Babies can cry for anything, anytime, everything, every time. 3 to 6 weeks are going to be a nightmare and you might feel like breaking your own head. I once gave my wailing daughter to my mom and opened the door and went till the lift ☺️ where I was planning to go only God knew... I use to feel fatigued when she cries.

Deal with this.. read all the articles in BabyChakra and learn what's Colic, how to soothe crying baby. Seek someone help here and be patient here, you might feel like hurting or shouting at your baby(I did😔) understand that they are new to this world and they are so dependent on us.

These 3 things were major challenges for me and I cried every night, banged my head on many occasions, fought with my mom and husband, cursed myself for being such a horrible mother but there are other challenges as well you may face..

1. Accepting things really helps, I came to terms with myself and accepted the fact that Im going to get only 1 hour sleep in 24 hrs really helped me.

2. It's not about you anymore, no one is going to ask you how do you feel? Is there any pain? Did you sleep last night? It's going to be about baby now.

3. Forget all your outings, date with your husband, family time etc for first few weeks. Accept the fact that baby is important and not others things.

Lovely ladies I know this post would have made you all sick to the stomach but trust me this is just a phase.. This too shall pass. Things will get better after a month or 2.. Ask ask and ask questions here and do anything to make your baby comfortable. My daughter adapted a sleeping pattern, she does not cry unnecessarily now, I know when to feed her.. As a mother I did lot of research and asked many important as well as silly questions in BabyChakra and got lot of help. I still don't get continuous 5 hrs sleep but I get to sleep, I'm sure I will face more challenges but I know I will deal with that too.

asha chaudhry Neha Agarwal Priya Sood It will be of great help if we have a session on PPD like how we have for other things. The session should only be for PPD where pregnant and new moms can participate, Do consider this.

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awesome awesome post rebecca. thank u for being so candid as usual. yes! PPD session has been planned!

Nilofer shaikh Parul Johari please tag all the 2nd and 3rd trimester moms.

Thanks for the heartfelt post Rebecca Prakash .
Knowing the real face of what's in storeis any day better than imagining all the hunky dory filmy motherhood picturisation. Exps of others are a lesson learnt before hand and it helps in making our exps somewhat a mixture of preparedness and acceptance. Thanks for keeping it real.
Tagging some moms to be KritiVika Satarupa B Kaur Veda naveen Neeta Shetty Sandra Gomendes Kartik Naidu Reena Nadar Rashmi Ranjan

We are so lucky to have wonderful moms like you. I hope that moms come out and speak about their Struggles so we all can help

Abhilasha Paul Ashiya khan veena s

Oh my God. this is fantastic. It's real. and thats the best deal about it. I surely hope I can cope with peeps like u, to help to help me. PPD is normal and real. Thing is we need to accept reality and battle it. Rebecca Prakash

Parul Johari Abhilasha Paul

Wow post.... 😍😍😍😍

Rebecca Prakash oohh myyy gosh... awesome.... awesome... it feels as if u hve taken out my emotions n perfectly justified.... dis is exactly wats happening.... dis is exactly wat j m doin....; live u loads becca fr dis... writing your heart out...😙😙😙

Well written... wonderfully described....can relate everything...😊😊😊😊😊😊

Such a true things u have penned down ...I have passed this phase n now I m ok n fine with all the struggles I can handle....only thing is PMS it hurts alot when we switch our mood from one to another n outburst all anger on baby ....all new mom n mom to be will realize the true blessing but as u said this phase will pass was the only motto I had followed 🎉

I couldn't help myself laughing throughout the post becs!!we were real nuts then!and even now at times!!but it sounds funny to look back at how crazy we've been!!Showing frustration and regretting thereafter was a routine then!!

Agree to every bits of the post as I am sailing the same boat...the struggle a new mother goes through can't be expressed better than this

All new Moms can relate to each word written by you Rebecca..... thank you for inspiration....

Oh my god...I am speechless really. Better be aware; and mentally prepared rather than going nuts afterwards

All mom's can relate to this.. Wonderful post 👍

Thanks for the tag Nilofer shaikh and thanks for opening our eyes Becca! 👍

Looooooveeeee this post Becca !!!!!!!!

I know ladies it's each one of us feelings and what went through or going through. I really wish I was not given that rosy picture.. I would have dealt it better. Pregnant ladies discuss this with your husband and mom, Be prepared. PPD is real and anyone can get it.

Ohh Rebecca Prakash i wish koi mujhe yahi baat pehle bata deta.. So i wud nt hv lovely expectations.. 😐

This is superb Rebecca Prakash ,, it helps a lot lot!!

Aditi Adlakha priyanka singh Aarti Khandelwal have a look

Omg! I just happen to see this true the guilt every now and then which makes you feel even more miserable. I remember how i kept asking my mom,maa apne hume kaise pala? I am dying with one kid and i was just about 2 when i had little brother too! In those days,there were no maids,no maalishwali aunty, no cook,nobody to help! Single handedly my mom took care of both of us so nicely. Ahh..i guess three,even my dad was super busy with work and couldnt lend a helping hand to her..My moms generation was those of real Superwoman it seems..well,very well written Becca 👍

Marvellous..; post it reduced atleast little bit stress that I'm not the only one there are others as well facing similar issues

So true.... And yes this too may pass... So face it strongly... As a new mom I struggle with this each day and then and think it was me who wanted her so why not work little more hard for her... Rebecca prakash thanks for the post.. It boosted my confidence that I have to do and I can do it😘

While reading this i remembered all the things u said happened to me not only me all moms are facing the same situation but u gave a great inspiration thank u rebecca

krupa Neelima Nandam Ruhie Ahmed remember this too shall pass.

Amazingly written. .still facing problems. ..want to add a little..would relate to some social gatherings. .being a mom with a baby who refuses to feed is a very big challenge ..dont know whether she is full or not..why she is screaming..just fed her..why she is not sleeping. .n have to eat n drink simulatanouly to make over low supply. .omg..

Nice dr, I also feel.... It's very helpful to New moms

Awesome post, as going through same phase it is helping me a lot.... thanks for such post Rebecca

We all are with you, this too shall pass, hang on mummas.

Seems like I am reading my own experience and feeling relived that I am not alone

Really great described...I am experiencing the same now, so patience required..I also cried in first few weeks, sometimes it's feel like I exhausted...I hope it will resolve with time.....

Vrunda Gulawani yes it will, till then hold on.

This is so very much true., gone through this & infact right away my son is lying on my lap & I’m reading this post & the time for now is 4:45 am 🙁.. Not that easy to raise a baby but yeah it’s only us(mother) who has to gone through all this & without patience it’s not at all possible..
So new moms be prepared for all these but at the end when the baby sleeps in a relaxed manner in your lap only you are truly going to adore the moment..!! All the best to all the would be moms..
Wonderful post.

absolutely described it so well.hats off to you

Hats off Rebecca , I thought I was only suffering through this phase but like me every new mom's hv to face it , but koi nhi time ata hi hai Jane k lie , so keeping patience is the only remedy.

Gauri yes things will change.

What a beautiful article...I'm going through all of the above Rebecca Prakash ... The feeling of not being in control of Ur own life and surrendering to the terms of a baby is difficult...I'm still struggling...I hope it gets better...

Tasneem c Welcome to motherhood and this too shall pass, Feel free to vent out. We are here to hear you.. hugs

I can relate myself to this article. Thnks guys. This phase is so very difficult.

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