Hi friends, any suggestions to overcome rashes this summer. I m using premium pampers still I saw small rash on my son's buttocks.

paed recommends 1. Keep baby in open air as much as possible. 2. Pat dry if you changing only a urine diaper. 3. For poop- lots of cream (any cream, u can use mustela) on cotton and clean in one single motion

few mums recommend desitin cream too. They say it works wonders

Agree with Neha.. Desitin works wonders.. leave the baby on cloth nappies and apply coconut oil . If you are still feeding your baby..apply little breast milk. That works wonders too.. tried and tested

As advised by Dr R . K Anand- "" Try to change the diaper as soon as it is wet. Clean the soiled diaper area with plain water and dry it. Make sure that no moisture is left in the groin or in the creases of the skin.""

Further by Dr R K Anand - If your baby develops diaper rash, expose the skin to air as often as possible, especially for some time after he has passed urine and/ or stool. This is often enough to solve the problem. If the rash persists, a preparation containing zinc and castor oil may be used for local application. Your chemist can make it or any readymade preparation can be used 3 times a day. Take the baby to the doctor if the rash persists. He may have to treat it with an antifungal preparation.

Further by Dr R K Anand - In severe diaper rash, do not excessively cleanse or wipe the affected area. Washing with plain water, followed by cool compresses of a mixture of half milk and half water, then an application of a zinc cream over a light application of mild steroid and antifungal cream seems to work best. The diapers should be changed frequently.

I hope all of this helps u. Do let us know :)

Hey..try to keep your baby diaper free at least in day time.... incase if u r bound to use diaper then change it every 4 hours and apply zinc plus diaper rash cream on her rashes..hope this helps

Apply coconut oil and let it open and keep free every time u change diaper...

hi. you use dusting powder - CLOCIP. it's very effective.. Always keep the area dry and whenever changing daiper dust the powder.

the best to avoid rashes.. leave baby free. my dd is free all day unless v r going out n if necessary i change in 4-5 hrs. also i use coconut oil. it works grt on baby skin

thanks everyone for your valuable replies..will surely do so....

thank-you all my baby is rash u guys

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