Today is Lunar Eclipse again and yet another day to have a tug of war between Believes and Superstitions.

It's a natural phenomenon which occurs when the Moon falls under the Earth's Shadow by passing directly behind the Earth.. The day will also be a Blood moon, where the earth's satellite takes a reddish color .

While this natural phenomenon might have several effects on the earth and the atmosphere and its constitution due to the Rays coming in , we have many myths floating . While some have a scientific correlation others fail to even find a logical answer.

Listing out a few myths which I could correlate with science and find some Logic in it .

No food and water during Lunar Eclipse period . For some the period starts hours before the beginning of this phenomenon.

Logic : as our body is composed of 70 percent of water and the moon comes near the earth so there might be changes in our physiology. ( try correlating the high tide days around poornima days )

So it's advisable to eat light during this period and fasting is not required though. And if you trust your digestive system it's better to go with your normal routine.

Food getting infected during this period .

I remember my parents having elaborate discussion on this and my Mom saying ok finally lets put a Tulsi leave on the food and then we can use it .

Logic : There is alteration in the incoming radiations and their intensity . The ultra violet radiations are restricted during this period which enables the growth of the micro Organisms. Hence it might be party true that there is a probability of infection so you can protect it with a tulsi leave which is said to be acting as a disinfectant.

Avoid traveling during this period

Logic :again the cosmic rays and micro Organisms theory holds good here but you can do it in a protected way .

Chanting God's Name or Mahamrutunjaya Mantra during pregnancy.

Logic : Chanting God's name is never a bad thing to do that you can do anytime and every time. Especially during pregnancy when the eclipse strikes we have extra water that is our amniotic which is water again and there might be some turbulence due to the rays . And chanting Mantra is another form of Meditation so that will help in keeping us calm .

Though there are many such Myths that I do not find any Logic like :

Not going to the loo during the Eclipse.

Alternately You will contract an UTI if you hold the Urine for long .

Not opening a bolt or a closed door during this period . If it's required you got do that .

Do not use a sharp object else you will find a birth mark or lip cleft on the baby . The baby's development is all about genes and genetic code nothing to do with ellipse .

Many more such things which we get to know from all social circles. While a few things we can follow for our well being other things do not find any logical ending . So it's best to see what you and your baby are comfortable with . The most important thing to remember during Pregnancy is YOU and the BABY inside so do whatever suits you best ! Causing inconvenience to yourself can never do or bring Good just remember that !

Khushboo Chouhan Priya Sood Aditi Ahuja Kritz AMRITA MALLIK Taheseen Asif Mrs Chhoker

Nicely compilled write up with facts and myths.

Perfectly written... Would like to add a few which my in laws mentioned yesterday evening -
1) It is widely believed that an expectant mother should not go outside during an eclipse and not see with naked eyes. If they do, the child in the womb may develop some deformities.
2) Cover the windows with a thick curtain to avoid the rays of eclipse to enter.
3) A pregnant woman who touches her belly during an eclipse will have a baby born with a birthmark.
How ever there are no scientific evidences which prove that the eclipse is harmful for a pregnant woman...

Thanks dears !!☺️👍

Belim sonia Prasad Anamika Jaiswal jutica Neha Saraswat maragathammahesh Dolly Chhikara Deepthi Niranjan Akanxa Tiwari Rajeshwari sanbal Bhumika Madhyan Rashmita Ghosh Basak Leela Arya Saloni Kenkre Gunjan Parmar sakshi rawat rana Tulika Mandal das Krati Thakur Rajanya Dey Maya Soni Neha Singh Neha Singh Jyoti Sharma anjali burnwal Samapika Dash karuna Tibrewala Sujata Gunjal snigdha Banerjee Ghosh Manisha uppal jyoti sundriyal kavita agarwal kriti pandey Anju Gupta Khushboo Bhutoria mrs umi shilpa arora Hina Patni Sanghati Das Diya Sen sherlyn elizabeth TITHI DEY PARBAT Rekha bhati Madhu Chowdhury L ahari dey sowmya chakilam ishwarya.s.shetty shetty Neha Sinha Swati Deshmukh Kanchi Jain sumitha S Rajini Sonika Tanwani Anjana Lall Lora Q Sandhya K S kalpana jaiswal pammi jha Vasudha Bhushania Manjeet Kaur s Choudhary Nirosha Chelvavanan alongkar hazarika amrita ramchandani monic..ka Simpee Bhardwaj afreen sana ullah Lakhwinder Kaur Pooja Singh Akshata Gaonkar Shalini Verma Rama Mohan Shagun Panwar Swati Singhal Mukhwinder Singh Pallavi Mishra Anitamalik Rupali Chavan Karuna Gandhi pallavi verma Sanjana dhingra Rebecca Isaac francis harsha raut Kusum Govil Vaishali Rane Solanki mansha Ajnar Kiran Verma Sumitra Sahoo Nethra Shashidhar Shilpa Singh h ayesha Heather Rosado Madhura Despande Vishkha Ghorai Mrs. jyoti

Well written!

Thanks dear Harshmita Walia !!

Very informative and well written!!

Thanks dear Aditi Ahuja ☺️

Shruti Agarwal; check this out...

Well written

Kritz yeah.. pretty much wat I have heard.. it's all about personal choices...

Thanks dear Taheseen Asif ☺️

Absolutely Shruti Agarwal ..

Should we sleep or not during this time ?

Actually I had read somewhere and to an extent it was logical too that moon being the closest celestial body to earth exerts it's gravitational force on us..high tides..poornima etc are phenomenon which affect eclipse that too one of the longest in more than 100 years and with blood moon is surely an event of great magnitude.. scientists.. astrologers..astronomers etc watch it closely..for common man also there are several believes which are followed..sutak is there so no religious activities happen at this time..temples close and as Kavita Sahany said people refrain from eating food..the science behind this is that an eclipse expedites activities on earth to an extent that food which can stay good for say 12 hours rots in few hours..for pregnant women too Ray's emnating affect them and their foetus... sometimes increase in premature deliveries have been witnessed at this view is that when in a sensitive situation or even otherwise whatever's can harm us should be avoided.. however too much superstitions and things like not using loo for so many hours is practically impossible and our family many ladies apply geru(reddish color used for painting plant pots) on a pregnant womans belly..may be it is to avoid the harmful Ray's..

True but what about sleep ? Should we sleep or stay awake

Dear Gargi Chopra my home people believe that one should be awake.. don't know the reason but they say this..

Ok thank u actually here some elders were telling me to stay awake and some say be straight and sleep lying straight is a task for me 😱

I can understand dear.. sleeping straight is idea is that as eclipse is at about 11:54 at night and person feels sleepy at that time so take ample test in afternoon and evening..this way you can keep awake till late..

Minal Dulgach Ghaghda

Minal Dulgach Ghaghda
@priya goyal

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