Hahaha..; seriously trying to stay positive specially with regards to sleep..

Coz for me the thing is that I have migraine issue and with lack of sleep or if I'm hungry (which is not the case these days) it triggers...

So trying to stay positive

Nitika Chopra AMRITA MALLIK; could think of u both... As our story of sleep is more or less same...

Exactly i am getting only 3 hrs sleep every night 12 to 3 and some lucky day 6am to 8 or 8:30am or else on the afternoon. I can imagine Kritz how difficult it must be at office. U musr be almost like dragging urself through the day. But still i respect that stamina of urs. I was too scared to do that.

AMRITA MALLIK yeah I am literally too exhausted but the only thing is ad I have already committed to lead a month full of training.. so no option... 🙁😐

Kritz sending all my positive powers to u to make u go through the day! Super power! Go girl!

Stay positive! Stay strong!

Thanks dear... I really really need it way too much.. 🙏🙏

Harshmita Walia yes dear... 🙏🤘🤞🤞🤞

Kritz exactly the same time as shared by AMRITA MALLIK ..12-3at night and then no sleep till 10am..afternoon is the saviour but again keep getting up for lunch and other things..i always tell u i m so proud of u that u managing home and office so well..i went office till 3months after that my body gave up and so as said by doctor to stop working because of decreasing cervical length..i heard twins pregnancy comes with every thing extra and each and everyday i m realising the same as well..only waiting for November...we all need super power!!think about u first then something till ur body allows....

Nitika Chopra Kritz same pinch to three of us.

AMRITA MALLIK from which week 7th month start???

Nitika Chopra this week dear!

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