#BreastfeedingStereotypes #FreeToFeed

I am tired of people judging every aspect of breastfeeding.

"Only for 6 months. If more than baby gets clingy"

"You can't feed in public. People are watching."

" Look at that magazine showing a breastfeeding mom. How obsene!"

How much, how long, where and when a Mom breastfeed is HER CHOICE.

Do you agree? Share a weird stereotype, or silly advice you got about breastfeeding.

How long should a child be breast fed?

Stop immediately at 1 year else the child will never wean off well and you will be stuck with her always..

Dear AMRITA MALLIK it basically depends on how long you and baby are comfortable and how the weaning proceeds..see as the child weans off starting 6 months by and by solid food enters the schedule and bm need and demands's case to case basis and one should ideally breast feed till one feels that baby needs it..

Doesn't overdoing breast feed beyond a certain age affect the psyche of the child or the health of the mother?
Because i have read about occurence of osteoporosis in such cases! Aditi Ahuja Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa DrShilpa Singhal Mamta Goel Dr. Payal M

A very good question AMRITA MALLIK . In my opinion 6 months is absolutely required. In addition to that I fed till baby turned 2. After 1 year it reduces a lot because baby was on a full normal diet. The feeds were just in the night. My baby is now 5. Not at all clingy.

Priya Sood upto 1 year is fine i guess, may be even 2 years. But the kid here in the pic looks beyond that.

Yes many moms feed above 2. I'm saying it's their choice. As long as we are informed.

Ofcourse its personal choice!

Another stereotype - Breastfeeding is a private matter. Moms can feed in public. It is a beautiful act of nurturing the child. This magazine recently was criticized for the cover

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See osteoporosis happens to many women due to several reasons.. lack of calcium in diet..a uterus removal sometimes leads to this and for us women bone density reduction, calcium depletion and bone joint fluid which is synovial fluid hardening happens with age..bone become porous and fragile and thus joints ache as our bone structure is unable to adjust with our body ideally Breastfeeding won't lead to it unless diet is poor or some other reason...

Aditi Ahuja yes u are right di! If diet is good then there will never be any issue. But in villages i don't think 2 years after child birth anybody cares about a mother's diet.

Yes dear villages ka to poocho mom's are beaten if they give birth to a girl sometimes.. I heard one case from a relative few days back and was in can someone specially husband be so inhuman

Priya Sood yes definitely! Such important duty of a woman is being tagged as shameful act by the patriarchial society just to satisfy the male ego and justify their creepy mind set.
They can visualise the erotism in it but not the divinity of flowing of life, or nourishment.

Same situation m passing Priya Sood As baby takes food n takes feed only when he wants to sleep n at night

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