So finally here is the lady with the power of writing lengthy posts write down her delivery story or rather a birth story where not one but two souls were born- 1my darlinng batul raniyah and 2-her mother.

🌻It was 4th of June's afternoon 2.30pm i suddenly felt a trickle of leakage down and i suddenly came down from bed and it passed through my legs onto the floor. My ever ready mom immediately got ready to leave with all her stuff and i was going on asking her are you sure this is water and not urine? Lolz.

So i called up husband, he called up in laws, and everybody was all set to leave when i decided "mujhey lunch dedo,maine suna doc labour k pejlekhaane nahi detey" everybody still laugh about it. Husband was back from the office in a jiffy and here i was taking all the time and finally after calls to the doc we left at 4pm and around 6pm the doc induced labour. Pain started around 11.30pm and by 1 am it was gone again and i was roaming around in the hospital corridor until almost 2am and then the nurse said "madam I have to put another syringe, please go back to your roam" and then she induced me again and all herll broke loose from 2.30 onwards and by 3.30am i was dying in pain. RMO came checked and said 3cms then i called her up again within few minutes, i said my pain is too much i might have dilated more,she checked again and then it was still 3cms.

I was begging to get operated.(thanks to @Priti singh's post) I had instructed my husband on reading her post that "i will tell many times for c section but you keep me going" and that worked. He kept reassuring me and my mil and sister kept massaging my hand, stomach, and blowing prayers on me while I kept shouting "why almight is making it difficult for me, logon ka 1-2 hrs mey delivery hojaata he mujhey itna kyun?". "Ya allah dard mat dijiye, dilation dijiye". These two lines were tied to my tongue throughout the night and then RMo checked again around 4.30am it was 5 cms and i said "i want c-section" and the RMO gently said "nilofer, aap bohot bardasht kar rahe ho, aapko natural labour chaiye na, toh thodi derr aur!" Her gentle hand on my head and calm tone calmed me for a while until i again began to yell. And then came the doc at around 5.45am, she asked me to move and i shouted "doc please do it here, i can't move" and the doc soothed me saying "its ok beta, relax, you are doing well" and then while she was checking my dilation i felt the urge to push and all of a sudden i pushed(naturally) and around 6.15am i was moved immediately to the labour room. For the first time in the past 12hrs i felt good. And then in the labour room i saw the doc and ithers do all the hustle around. I signed on a paper(no idea what and i didn't want to know either). And then i was yelling and i pushed, doc soothed me by storking my hair and then why i suddenly pushed with force and i felt a slight cut running down there and in the third push at 6.48 am my baby popped out and i just lay down there relieved and relaxed. I was so much in pain and stress that i missed the most loving moment of keeping my baby on my chest and neither did i move or felt anything. After the stitching and all the detailed work i was then taken on the stroller back for a change and then moved up. I didn't know where my baby was and i was completely in sleep- subconsciously awake. After coming back to the room , another pain had overtsken my joy. ie: the pain of the stiches- unable to move, talk, smile or even ask for my baby.(i regret it still).

🌼i immensely am thankful to my almighty for giving me the privilege of becoming a mother of a sound and healthy baby.

🌼thank my husband and family to stand rocksolid by me through out the night and the journey and until today too.

🌼i immensely am grateful to dr jagruti sawant at criticare hospital(juhu) for being such a big insisting, patient and selfless human. ( believe me when she said congrats its a baby girl, it immediately rang in my mind that my lo will one day be a human and a dr like her. Fingers crossed(not burdening her with my ambition,she can choose hers).)

🌼i also thank #babychakra and #mydeliverystories of @Priti Singh Amruta Naik and Mrs Chhoker . Believe me ladies i have been remembering you through out my labour process. Priti's motivation to keep husband well informed, amruta's struggle of the entire day and chokker's lines where she mentions about stopping the struggle and joking about not being a phd in pushing (hahahah). So all in all ladies do keep on writing your stories, you never know who you are motivating.

🌼i also thank Shiny Vincent for she had answered me saying to use a pad while leaving for yhr hospital to avoid water leakage on the way.(might sound totally absurd but i always wondered what will i use for hiding the leakage- towel,cloth bla bla...)

🌼lastly thanks everyone for being such a great community and a helping hand.

PS: apologies for the longest post. And hope this helps motivate another mom-to-be just like i was motivated once.(especially to not give up on having vaginal delivery)

Shruti Giri Sonam patel Akshaya Naresh Neha Agarwal Sumira Bhatia KritiVika Nilofer shaikh Aditi Ahuja Richa Chowdhary Satyam Sharma Dr. Payal M Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Nancy Singh Shiny Vincent Nisha Dayal Zeba Soudagar Roopashree Siddireddy Sangeeta Sihag(musicalmommy) Mamta Washist Prachi Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy) Sakshi Mahajan Richa Kaushik Nasreen Mansoor Pooja Dixit Gunjan Bhatla manvi bhandari Merline Thomson Yogini Kandre Neeta Shetty Anitha Nair
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Lovely beautifully written

Proud of you dear..beautifully written god bless u nd lil batu😘😘😘

Nilo your husband is so sweet he bring gifts fid you. Mine didn't ask me anything coz my khadoos SaaS was there all the time. Now I will show him this pic and Maro tana 😎

Nilo your story is motivational to other mom to be's. Take care dear.

I was so waiting for your #mydelieverystory Nilofer shaikh and finally it's here.😇 As usual you have written it brilliantly. I remember you were extremely vigilant while choosing the hospital and good to know your experience with Criticare turned out to be a good one. I'm glad our stories helped you in some way atleast.😊 Lovely pics dear. God bless.

proud if u nilofer.... hatts off!!! u are indeed a strong mum!

Congratulations 👍🏻🙏🏻 more power to u😊

Your story gave me goosebumps!!!

Congratulations! Awesome post. Very encouraging!

Lovely..., Hats off.... motivational ans never give up...

Woowww amazing.. hats off to u...

Omg i never even thought of normal delivery bt ur post made me believe that nothing is impossible for a mother..
Just wanted to know what kind of pads are used normal ones(whisper) or some other Nilofer shaikh

You have penned it down very well..could see you doing all this..God bless you dear..

Just wonderful dear!!! Loads of love to you and your family

Congratulations Nilofer shaikh
Stay strong and blessed.

Akanchha Pandey a normal pad would do for the time you reach hospital. I used one and carried one just for safety. Depends on how much leakage happens. Usually it comes lil by lil and very few cases it comes all at once.

Wow.. Amazing.. Lots of love to u n baby..

Ahhhhh ur delivery story😊😊
I have so much of work but still wanted to check out ur story first😉..
U r strong a darling,, u always waana normal del. And u did proud to you! And lucky u yar that u didnt have such a painful long labour.
God bless your lil family pics are amazing.

Kritz be ready 😜

Mrs Chhoker abhi delhi thodi dur hai... Not thinking about it now... 😜Enjoying my football matches😉😉😉

Kritz Delhi will ne near before you could imagine 😂😂😂😂

Mrs Chhoker mat yaad dilaooo...😐😒

So beautifully written...God bless you and your daughter.

You are a dedicated mother.....I read your first post of choosing the right gynac until the normal delivery....motherhood is devine.....Batul is a very lucky girl to have a mother like you....

Hey sonam!! You're a beautiful soul. Thanks for the appreciation dear.I would be glad if one day when batul is all grown up she too comes and tells me this.

Insha Allah...

Hey! Wonderful story, at 39 weeks, I am a bundle of nerves. And reading this makes me feel a little better . Much love to you and the baby. Just curious, at how many weeks did the baby arrive? And were there any symptoms before the water broke, like any indicator, or was it sudden?

Hi Rumpa no symptoms before the water broke. The water trickled down and in after almost an hr and a half i left for the hospital at around 4 and the inducing started later in the evening 6pm.I delivered the next day which is one day before my edd. Relax. if all is well and no complications your doc might want to even wait after your edd. Or perhaps induce. Don't worry.

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