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Those days were the days of my life !!i was very very lucky to be born to wonderful parents and Lovely family !! Today whatever values I have I owe it to my parents and family !!

The best and my most favourite person in my life is my Father !! Today when I see these parenting messages on watsapp or the videos etc , I can only think of one person who followed it even in the 90s and these were his original principles and ideas .. Yes my Papa ..Parents are our best friends he proved it even then ....

A few things I would like to share .. A few values which I have admired are :

@Health is wealth - he has always taught us to get up early in the morning and do some yoga or any form of exercise.

According to him one should wake up before the sunrise always !! If you are tired and want to sleep more take a nap anytime after u are ready but waking up in the morning is a must !!

This one thing I even do it now as my Husband Dev is also a early riser and fitness freak !'

@ That awesome relationship that my Mom And my Granny shared , I somewhere give full credits to my Papa as he knew how to balance both sides !' No doubt my mommy is a wonderful person too but I believe it's the Man who plays a major role cause women are women :-) he took care of both sides of the family as in he is very close to my Moms family and the cousins till date !! Also he had done all his duties for his own brothers and sisters and till date he does what ever he can !! I have never seen any granny ( paternal grandmother and father ) come along with kids and Bahu for vacation to the Mama ghar or Nani ghar but yes we did together :-)

I had a pet whose name was Shally who was my favourite in the growing up days !' Animals teach you love and being faithful !!

I was always good at Dance and music .. My friends called me Madhuri Dixit :-)

All the new releases including dance numbers were my next stage performance..

Ek do teen being Sabka all time favourite!!

Though I am trained in Odissi and classical music yet I love doing all forms of dance including Bollywood and folk ..

School life and school days and school friends my best part of life till date !! It was a. Dream life for me where I was always the best and everything was so beautiful!!

College and Masters and then M.phil in Environmental Studies where I topped the University always and made my parents proud with my gold medals !! ( my daughter is proud of it today n flaunts them whenever we go to our place )

Then life went on and I wanted to work for sometime before I could decide what next in life .. Worked in Delhi for a Biomedical waste management firm .. New life new job new environment.. All puzzled ..

Can you guess what's coming next ???

Was it a love or an arranged marriage??

Note :a few of my dancing shots , an old pic of my college days which I had with me and my Diva flaunting my medals and a few family shots ..

Priya Sood Khushboo Chouhan Aditi Ahuja Richa Chowdhary Swati Upadhyay Taheseen Asif AMRITA MALLIK Mrs Chhoker Priya Dubey
Kritz Madhavi Cholera Madhavi Cholera Bhavna Anadkat Vidya Rathod Rebecca Prakash Neha Agarwal
Anshu Gupta Naiyya Saggi

It looks like sooraj barjatiya's happiest family in town.

Ha ha actually dear AMRITA MALLIK !! Thank you so much ☺️

You are killing in that b/w bobcut type pic 😍. Kavita you are a Rockstar. You are showing us how a good family environment affect a child's whole character. Now I am going to bug you all the time to take advices, get ready to be spammed by my massages.

Ha ha all yours Mrs Chhoker !! Any time ... please feel free to get connected ..You are absolutely right here ..the family environment effects a lot ..I owe everything to my family for this and of course God for being so kind !!💐

Mrs Chhoker dint have many pictures with me here , so tried collecting a few from here and there ..this one is my 2 wheeler license wala photo ☺️☺️

Mrs Chhoker Kavita Sahany me too!

You are a darling AMRITA MALLIK ..anything for you !!

Kavita Sahany 😍😍😍😍 i am feeling pampered and blushing!

Looking beautiful

I think it was love cum arranged marriage

Thanks dear Taheseen Asif !!☺️


Love marriage


Awesome pics Kavita Sahany; n indeed the 90's were awesome..; kids born thn are very lucky till date I still feel we should teach our kids wat we were taught n save our kids from this gadget freaking world n tell them how we use to spend our childhood n let them do the same.. I want tat time back...

Whistle whistle for u lady.. and you are one rockstar for sure... Ana bet u must be having lots of boys falling for you

Thanks dear neha singhal are absolutely right ..90s were awesome!!👍

Thanks dear Richa Chowdhary he he 😊😊 blush blush ...

Kavita Sahany 😂😂😂 seriously is pic Par to aeroplane Chalane ka license mil Jata 😜

Ha ha Mrs Chhoker you are too cute 😘😘

Lovely post Kavita Sahany . U r absolutely right family environment effects kids. I know it very well. Hats off to your dad for being such a gentleman.

Lovely happy family. U look like actress hanshika motwani in red frock wala pic😄 i guess ur love cum arrange marriage

Thanks so much dear Vidya Rathod ☺️

You look damn smart yar!! And I love the short hairdo that you are sporting!!

This hooked me up!

Thanks so much Neha Mani Mishra 😊😊

Swati Upadhyay thanks dear !! a great childhood you got to spend dear and the awesomeness person you are today is because of that..the environment in which we grow and the family..our parents.. siblings have a great contribution in what we become later..what we we live and what we become for people around us...hats off to uncle and his intelligent look so beautiful in every picture.. real me Madhuri Dixit....and guess it was a love marriage...

Thanks so much dear Aditi Ahuja !! You are sweetheart!!😘

Kavita Sahany; i m SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!

You are a darling Madhavi Cholera !! As yummy ad your food 😘😘😍

Love your post...
Love your pics
Love your smartness!
as you said about your father, i like to say,
"You dont need to paint the eggs of peacock"!
grear art , culture & skills are in your blood!!

Thanks so much dear Madhavi Cholera 😘

Dream girl!😘

Smitha Prabhav thanks so much dear !! It a huge compliment😘😘

Aaj main subh se busy thi...delay ho Gya...but sare session m one by one complete krungi

So chweet Karishma Agrawal 😍

I would love to see your dance!!!! Madhuri !!!

Thanks dear Priya Sood ..if I could upload a video ☺️☺️

U r so impressive yaar.... Love ur attitude n positivity..

Thanks so much dear Bhavna Anadkat 😘

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