Good morning di

Good morning dear Priya Dubey

But how and what to do

Mrs Chhoker weekdays for me are also very routine Wala..but on weekends.. I make sure I get up at least half an hour late.. I cook something very light and easy.. thoda bahar se manage karti hu...make a list of things to be done and in kitchen only put the radio on..2-3 gaane suney..chai banai and pi..that itself makes a different routine..then others get up and work starts..again evenings me thoda masti time.. playing with kiddo..see not Everytime one gets to enjoy and I am by nature workaholic.. na bhi ho to my husband is like a military man..sab time se and rules se ho..wo bhi perfect..I don't need an MIL..he is enough strict...many weekends I pray ki weekdays jaldi aae.. family pisses me off..but have learnt one your life when you get even one chance.. otherwise you will get suffocated..

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