yesterday had the opportunity to have a nice dinner date with hubby.. we went to this nice restaurant near our house.

There I had ordered for a fresh lime water.. they had along with the drink provided a stirer.. Don't know it was coz of sleep or my hormones playing around that for almost 5 to 10mins was trying to drink from the stirer thinking it's a straw...

N then finally I have up n put the glass down. That's when I realized that I was trying to drink from a stirer.

What's the craziest thing u have done..???



When adhi was 2 months. My husband find myself sitting and trying to feed adhi in midnight though he was sleeping with him 😬.

Hilarious!! :)


😂😂 Mrs Chhoker 😜so do the hormones play such games???? I also seem lots of videos where in mom is bf'ingthe baby with other hand rocks the cradle....😂😂😁

Kritz in those sleepless nights your mind stops working you just know one thing he is crying and I have to feed. You start hallucinating that he is crying and start feeding some imaginary baby. And my husband was like pagal ho gai h KYa 😂😂😂😂

😁😁.Yes it happens.When baby was small n used to sleep in cradle n i continue to push the cradle n he was already sleeping.Another is when he is taking feed n going to sleep.I continue to sing lori n he has already slept n my husband say wo soo chuka bs kro ab doosro ne bhi sona😁😁.oh my god what a habit has made..One more when he used to sleep in my lap ,n i continue to shake my legs although he is sleeing.I think these are the effects of sleepless nights😎😎

Hehehe seriously all this happens

My sil sometimes felt d same while sleeping she just got wake up with horrified things searching for his baby head in between his legs

Ha ha ha kritz...
Recently I was doing some work n simultaneously watching TV so I was trying to change the channel with the gas lighter... ha ha ha 😃😃

Absent minded Ness is a part of momhood..starts with becoming Pregnant.. in my case it was even before that..

Once I was carrying my baby in my hands and was looking here and there to find her. I got panicked not seeing her around and in a few seconds I realised that I am carrying her.

I had some pakodas left in my room was getting lazy enuf to put it in kitchen..i got up at 3 in the morning and in deep sleep i had all the pakodas.. my hubby saw me eating and was horrified..till date he says that u looked possessed😂

I had done quite often evn when i was nt preg

Omg Akanchha Pandey u really had pakodas in sleep... 😁😁😂😂😂
@priyanaka same scene I have seen in many videos...

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