I entered the 29th week.

Today is the first day of the 8th month.

Beginning of the eventful third trimester.

The anxiety level has gone up.

Gender guessing is on top of the game right now! Fetal kicks are trending!

Continous verbal and mental conversation with the fetus is on.

The style of the continuous generalised discomfort is now converted into pressure pains, stretch pains and muscle cramps.

Only baby on my mind.

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Congrtzzz dear..... Acha tell me at which side u feel d baby is???? Means if u see urself in mirror which side is more outsider part???

So excited I didn't notice you are 8 month... Baby is soon Gonna be with you. I think You are going to be first one in our group 😄

Wow.. it’s all getting real now.. only one month for you left Amrita!

Ankita Aggarwal i think right side of my abdomen looks more protruding out. My linea nigra is also more towards the left.

Mrs Chhoker 🤗😍

Naiyya Saggi this month has only started. Many more days to pass by through this month too.

All the best👍👍

Sania Bhushan thank u so much

AMRITA MALLIK I think it's a boy as my mom say if u feel heaviness on right then boy, left grl n ya mil says that if from back u r straight means it doesn't seem like u r pregg or something then also it's boy..... Bth are crrct at the time of me n my sil time

Congratulations dear.....take care

Cgrts dr. .take walk n sit more on floor will be easy for normal delivery

Shruti Budihal Priya Dubey thank u

Ankita Aggarwal thank u for the prediction dear!

Hey Amrita congratulations.. enjoy the flutters.. and kicks... Enjoy and pamper urself. And this word kind of diminishes once u deliver..

Resham Java yes dear i can already sense that from the many many queries about various aspects of baby health being gushed on in this app every day and every hour. The word 'relax' is gonna be invisible from the dictionary for a few years after delivery.

Tk cre Amrita.. all the best..njoy it at fullest..feeling of kicks n all is seriously just awesome..mommies v r really very lucky That God has given us extra 9 months with our babies n only v can feel it ...true naa

Congratulations AMRITA MALLIK !!!!all the best for coming days...🤩

Nitika Chopra thank you dear!

AMRITA MALLIK i asked my doctor which week 7th month is started since i need to plan a date for baby shower as well..she told me not before 27th week??is she right??i mean how they calculate I don’t get that...

Nitika Chopra the counting of days starts from your lmp. Count the number of days from your lmp to today exactly including 31st of the alternate months. Then divide the summation if all days with 7, you ll get the week you are running.
For eg, my lmp was 28th january 2018. So 4+28+31+30+31+30+31+13=198
So i have completed 28 weeks and entered the 29 th week from yesterday.
28÷4=7 so done with 7th month and entered 8th month.
I hope you got it.
Pregnancy Calculators Help Track The Progress Of Your Pregnancy
EDD Calculator: For An Organized Pregnancy Care

AMRITA MALLIK mine was 10th February but ovulation period was late as per doctor..but I understood what u r saying...

From date of ovulation the u can calculate the gestational age of the fetus. Thats why the gestational age in the usg and the duration of pregnancy calculated from lmp usually differ by 14 days.

Take care dear!!

Aditi Ahuja yes di

Hey amrita my Lmp is 21 jan n month by month calculate then 21august se 8 the month started n i did your way then 205/7=29.28 and 29/4=7.25 means

I am pregnant yes dear its correct only. U have completed 7th month and running in the 2nd week of 8th month. Infact u have completed ur 29th week and 2 days through your 30th week.

Ok thank you but my mom all old lady say ki 21 August ko tum 7 month complet karogi

Yuppp I am pregnant all ladies says rght ur 8th month will start from 21 or u can say 7th will b complete... because 21 also my LMP but dats Feb so I will complete 6th one dis 21

Infact my mumy says k 21st to LMP date h every month is calculated after extending 7days more from also doctor gives us our expected delivery date after extending 7-10days from LMP.
My delivery date is also 27 November

Congrts dear... Njoy dis tym as much as u cn with ur baby. Nd now baby vil kick u more nd vil tell u dat he is now ready to come out in d world.. Dese r such a nyc moments.. njoy it..


Jasveen kaur yes dear the kicks have become more forceful.
Vidya Rathod thank u dear

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