Now again I m standing on the small place from where I started..

Iraj is refusing to take my milk..she is just crying on the top of her voice when put to breast..

All my efforts are going into vein..

On top of this I am at my in-laws place..

Everyone is thinking I haven't tried putting her to's of no use in trying to clearify anything to anyone..

I don't think there would be any mother on this Earth who doesn't want the well-being of her kid..

Then why do people so easily tag a women who isn't able to feed her child as "aapne koshish nai ki"

Wat to do pta nahi..

Going through loads and loads of stress..

Well do let me know guys with wat tags have u all being judged..?

Mine is "pilane se na pita hai baccha..!

Aapne koshish nai ki.. #babychakra #delhimom #breastfeedingissues

i can very well connect myself with ur situation as i am also going through the same phase. My MIL always says baby is hungry u should give her FM i always refuse but this saying looses my confidence and my inner self says 'm i doing unjust with my DD' by not giving her FM.
I am also waiting for the day when all her schedule will b in place and i am able to feed my baby.
Believe in urself and once or twice u can pump and feed ur baby this way u will know how much ur baby is getting dats wat i hav started doing.

I have also gone through a lot and still its not done. My MIL said your milk is not sufficient for baby, he is still hungry so give FM as he was always crying. But I refused and struggled through whole phase. I was sure baby is not hungry as I pumped and ensured baby is getting proper feed. Later I found he is colic child thats why he was crying most of the time. But the point is, these things are very common that everyone will find fault in you or your milk but never give up. Still I am struggling as MIL said now baby is growing and his demand is increasing so now for sure you need to give FM as your milk will not be able to fulfill his demand but I am still trying my best to not give FM. You also please keep trying and hope for the best by ignoring your surrounding.

Maryam is also very fussy she got so irritated when i bf her,may be because of low milk production..
My mil says pilaogi tog aega na tum toh feder de deti ho😐it hurts alot,i m having medicine and pumping so that kuch jae uske pet main as my mil says.😕

Hey Mrs.Aaisha Sarwar don't loose heart. I am going through same prob but luckily for me i am at mom's place and never the less my in laws are also co-operative in this situation. All of them are of the view that i am the best judge if i feel like giving fm i must and if i feel she can be put to breast i should do that. My mil infact very clearly told me on call the other day. "Beta! bacha imp hai, aap apni koshish karo, dudh dena nahi dena Allah k haath me hai". All are saying don't mess yourself up in this race of giving bm. Whats the point aaisha if you are so troubled and stressed how will your baby be happy??? Every mother knows bm is imp and the best and we are trying our best. But also remember if we are stressed and under pressjre all the time, the same will pass to oir babies through the milk and skin touch. Be happy and confident about your choices. It was only yest tht my husband and in laws sat me down and discussed this and they were very clear that i must be happy and cheerful whil rearing my child and under-stress mother can never do justice. And i only feel better now that such a fool i have been to push and push and get frustrated. So i have decided. I will eat everything that anyway suggests for increasing bm, i will keep putting my child to breast as often as poss and if milk is enough it's almightys grace if not, no worries. I tried and i am not guilty.
🤗PS: every child and mother is different, just how the same preg probs and situation is diff every bf story and situation will be diff. Just don't become miserable. I think most of us who are struggling with bm issues are somewhere guilty of comparing our supplies to others. Remember each baby demand and each mother's supply is diff. Never ever compare or think less of yourself.
Take motivation from each bf mother but don't fret if you are not able to. And yes we are all here to help eachother. Stay happy

Nilofer shaikh 👏👏. Dats d spirit every mother should have... Nvr scold urself... Keep trying n b happy which is d main thing... I was also in stress fr 1st 21 Dez till I was at my in-laws house... Bt I keep trying n it was very painful also fr me as I d sore nipples at starting n I feel difficult when my daughter latches as hai hai... Bt kept trying pump out milk n fed my baby .. n after 2.5 month it came to normal slowly... So b happy b positive..

Hi i also went through the same phase...make her bit sleepy ..n she started feeding..she is having gas all the time..Mrs.Aaisha Sarwar give her tumsup drops ..before 15 min u feed..i also use the same..things r getting much better now

Sing lulabby ..take time outside give fresh air..then make a bit sleepy n then feed

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