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To all the mompreneurs in this group, who are passionate about their hobbies but don't know how to convert their passion to profit. If you don't know about your passions, no worries! Our expert Latika will help you find one.This interactive session is all about that. Come and ask all your queries and doubts.

Some of the sample questions are:

1) Why do you what you do right now to make a living?

2) What are your biggest strengths?

3) What do you really love doing or always wanted to do?

4) What are your current passions and gifts?

Name: Latika Manaktala

Date: 14th August

Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Topic: How to convert your passion to profit

Designation: Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

In the session Latika will discuss:

1) How to know your personality type?

2) How to know your passions and interest?

3) How can you convert your passion to profit?

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Super awesome! Much needed session!

Wowww....most needed

Yeah it's interesting

Looking forward

How to connect for this session?

Waiting for this session

Hello Lovelies! Let's talk about your passions, goals- aim for clarity and see how we can convert our real purpose and passions into profits! Am excited to converse with you all..

Hello ...
How's u ..
Thanks for this session...
I have a strong passion of doing something new ...
I m trying to give NET exam...but 4 times I have failed on it ...
Still attempting this year again to work on it ...
I have love for social tried to sell baby chakar products via WhatsApp...but no ladies is interested..
Don't know the niche ..but have tried alot...
Besides this I live in Diu .. where opportunity are very less ....
Pls help

Hi Latika I really want to do something different and mostly work from home job so that I can take care of my 6 month old hobby is dance,home decor,diys stuff,art...and after being mom I found my new passion to research baby care topics and help other moms that's y I started my YouTube my question is how to make it as my profit so that I can earn also...

About Me:
I help passionate women entrepreneurs to convert their passions to profit and create a brand that helps them share their gifts with the world.
I can be looked up at
I hope to share some insightful experiences and valuable stories to help you build your passion business. Can't wait to speak to you all. Am super excited. Let's make it happen! Stay tuned. Love.

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Hello Latika, I am struggling to find my passion so can you pls help me with it

While we still have 15 minutes to go. For the existing enterpreneurs let me share something that you can avail from me- It's a free Business Consulting session that comes along with new E-book- "create an epic brand in your budget". Here are a few glimpses from the book.

3 months pregnant..
This is the link to my e-book for enterpreneurs- it has touched many enterpreneurs so far as it is the form of workbook and guide that comes along with a free business consulting seasion. Feel free to access it on the above link. 🤗😊

At the end of our conversations , I will share a free masterclass with you to discover your passions and how to convert it into profit. So stay tuned. 😍

@pooja what do really love to do always- what makes you feel fulfilling? Do this exercise for me- take a note pad.. take a week- write down the the answer to these questions- what do you want ( let it be that open- or it can go as wild as that) , what is your ideal day, how were you when you were 8-10 years old? How do you imagine yourself when you would be 80- answer to all this will help you discover a pattern.. you will have to make inferences.. and then you would discover your real thing.

I will come back to you on this once I complete this exercise

Hello Latika. I started my blog in January but haven't monetized it so far. Can you guide me when is the right time to start monetizing my blog and what are the different ways by which I can do that?

Rashmi Choudhury that's amazing what you do and are doing. My question to you is are you looking at continuing your youtube based business? If you are talking about monetising your youtube channel- there are lots of ways- but that would depend on how many followers have you got so far- can i understand that?

Mahi Gajwani there are many things that you can do sitting in Diu of you have great connectivity. Social media is a channel- what are your truest passions even without internet? That's what we will use to leverage to create a business model for you online.

Latika yes I want to continue it...m looking for genuine ideas which is not shown in any other parenting channel...I recently started it I have only 210 question is how to make it more popular so that I can increase my follower...and also I can earn from it

Thank you Ms. Latika. I have always wondered what my 'passion' is. I have dabbled in many things. I don't like the office routine and am more interested in doing multiple things. I enjoy interacting with others, I do a bit of volunteer work and like being helpful. I also write short fiction. Can you help in identifying my passion and how to convert it into something bigger. I am creative, energetic and have good communication skills.

I would also like to add an online shop to my website so that I can sell my paintings and stuff on it. Can you tell me how to go about it and attract customers?

Rashmi Choudhury - content is king. Make sure you do your research and also run timely surveys to understand what is your audience and what do they love watching. That will ensure your organic reach. Second is the inorganic outreach methods. For which i need to have a look at your channel. I would love to have you attend my free 1 hour online training webinar for business owners. You can go register for it here.

Latika thanks for your response...sure I will register it now..and u can also check my channel
Please suggest me what are the things need to improve in my channel

Hi Latika,
My lo is 5 months old.I was working as a software tester before going for maternity leave.
But now I am looking for work from job so that I can look after my baby too.
I am fond of painting too as a hobby

Latika my passion is to teach ....I m thinking to start online class ...but for that I need to pass the net exam...then it would be possible as I get study time very less ...but here hindrance are many like.....
1- to keep my child engaged as he is just 10 months old ...
2- I have my sister marriage in Dec....
3- doing house chores
4- study also
Pls help me ....I m stuck in my life badly

Hey Priya Sood it's amazing that you a have a bit of clarity already. Like the steps i define in building your solopreneur business is Clarity- absolute clear about what you want. Discovery- where you would discover your purpose, passions, strengths. Planning- where your would set the stage to build your business. And the Build and Bloom stages. So right now there are few ways to understand your passions- 1. Take a myer brigg personality test that help you identify your personality. 2. Give yourself time and ask yourself these questions what i tell @pooja in the comments. I guess that should be helpful Priya. You should also join my passion to profit free workshop here.

Khusboo Seksaria did you enjoy the software testing work? If you did and money is a priority as well then there are many companies who would give you the option to work from home with flexible hours. You can continue doing painting as a hobby and can take classes on weekend maybe?

Thanks Latika. I have done a personality test earlier I am a Learner, Positive, Ideator, Leader.

Hi Latika. You missed my question. Kindly answer.

Priya Sood great that you have that clarity already. Understanding my own passions and purpose took me a long while but I discovered it and now living it. Discovering your passion is a process and one needs to pay attention to oneself to know. I will be happy to take you through this journey. Join me in this free hour long passion to profit workshop.

Hi latika ....first of all i want to be something instead of being nothing...
i always want to learn something new
I love learning especially if it is related to computer
And interested in doing any creative works...wanna work from home tried for many online job but it all went fake ...suggest me what to do now

Hi Arshiya lets understand what do you love doing the most? What do you think where can you make a difference? Your strongest passions can be converted into a skill too.

Superb i really need

Latika kindly answer the query

Hi lathika, please help me, I have 2 month baby, so I want do home job, I know jewellery making, hand embroidery, painting

Lathika please answer me

Hi I just saw the post n I am upset I couldn't connect earlier. Hey Latika , Thanks for conducting this session. I love talking and being in front of people. I used to watch lots of videos n even started my channel on YouTube but now with baby I am not able to give time. How to keep myself motivated and how can I grow my chamnel in terms of marketing it and all so I can turn it in full time. Also I love writing so any tips on how to be blogger or how to get started.

Hi madam I'm housewife n having baby can u help me to do something new n earn money

Mahi Gajwani is that something you really want to do- teaching? Cos if it is- nothing should stop you. We have stories of so many moms who have turned adversities into springboard of opportunities for themselves. Read about Jk Rowling! 😊
My piece of suggestions- Your motivation/fire to do what you want to do should weigh more than anything- then everything will find its space and time.. really! 😊

somyashree. R sure.I would love to help, but what is your question. Are you looking for a job or setting up your own thing?

Hello Latika. I started my blog in January but haven't monetized it so far. Can you guide me when is the right time to start monetizing my blog and what are the different ways by which I can do that? I would also like to add an online shop to my website so that I can sell my paintings and stuff on it. Can you tell me how to go about it and attract customers? I'm also PhD. in Environmental Sciences with NET but still not able to do anything about it. Please guide me.

Hi Vipra Naik you seem to be a multi passionate women. Congratulations for that 😊 You should keep doing what you are doing.. see what you are best at. See how you can make a difference. We need to discover your passions and skills. Passions can also be converted into a skill. May I suggest to go get this ebook of mine which also comes with a free business consulting session

I looking for a home job lathika

Latika i am a doctor by profession. I have completed MBBS. But being pregnant now and with the baby about to arrive i had to leave job. I have not done my pg yet. So i don't want to join full time job after childbirth or even see patients personally . I have found my passion here at babychakra. I am identifying the common queries on this app and trying to simplify the medical terms related to the queries. I am loving to do it now. And i want to continue to be helpful to people in this way. Can i monetize it in anyway?

AMRITA MALLIK yes Amrita you can, but I would recommend since you just started doing it- give it a while, see how it goes - how is it received with the audience. Monetisation is a by product of excellence. Always! We can always talk about it in a free business consulting session. I recommend that you get my ebook "create an epic brand in your budget" here

Lathika tell me what to do

Latika ok. Thank you!

It was wonderful conversing with you guys! Stay tuned. Some interesting conversations about converting your passions to profit happen on Facebook page too. You can like to join in here
Also join my free workshops for enterpreneurs and business owners here

Hello Latika. I started my blog in January but haven't monetized it so far. Can you guide me when is the right time to start monetizing my blog and what are the different ways by which I can do that? I would also like to add an online shop to my website so that I can sell my paintings and stuff on it. Can you tell me how to go about it and attract customers? I'm also PhD. in Environmental Sciences with NET but still not able to do anything about it. Please guide me.

Thank u lathika

Hii latika want to do many things in different way m very passionate to write n teach ..but I live in joint..can't do this outside..m doing phd want to do something different bt all r saying in join family nit possible..u know I like to live smartly but how I start. It ..plz help ..

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