Anandini is an Aveeno Baby!

When I asked the pediatrician about the skin care products fo her,the answer was Aveeno and nothing else.

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion contains oatmeal that protects the baby skin.It is non greasy,fragrance free and won’t clog poress;

So happy to receive this product from @mybabychakra.

Wow!!! such a cute picture and congratulations!!!

Thanks Shruti Budihal

Thanks Khushboo Chouhan ...check your chat window

Beautiful cutie pie. she is just like you. Akanksha's Anandini _ the desires happiness! Great mother-daugter duo named. Looks like she is super ready to fly high and conquer the world's happiness to fulfill all her mom's desires!

Omg! Super duper cute !!!!

Thanks AMRITA MALLIK for your beautiful words!

Thanks Naiyya Saggi

So cute baby, so pretty

Thanks somyashree. R

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