when you started solids for baby - what were your first weaning foods at 6-7 months?

how did you offer them ?

1) pureed food

2) dal or rice water

3) cooked finger size portions of vegetable

4) mashed food

pureed food, dal water

Madhura Thakkar did you know dal water or pureed food has half nutrients compared to dal given as it is ?
its empty calories and there are chances that a baby may not gain weight as required.

Pureed and mashed food.
Jai shri, priya dev #tag fwd

hi...give boil Apple.. mashed banana..boil potatoes... carrots...but start with fruit  small quantity..... Give Ragi rice water....Dal ki Pani...

hi Sonika Singh. rice water or dal water is no more recommended. as its empty calories and fills the tummy and replaces mother's feed. at this age feed is the most imp thing and should not drop at all

hello Harneet khurana....sorry I do not know that..I give rice water n Dal water to my I told .. thank you ....👍

thats ok dear. thats y this post was posted  so that new moms may get some info about weaning practises 

nice thread Harneet Khurana...I am giving pureed food, fresh fruits are pureed directly in hand blender, Dal/rice or cereals are cooked then pureed and vegetables and some fruits like apple , pear are steamed and pureed.... tried mashing banana and potatoes though but she does phooooooooo and everything​ on my mouth directly 😜

started with mashed banana..steames mashed Apple.. pureed khichdi or dalia/ broken wheat.. the stew left frm boiled apple/khichdi i fill in bottle and gv in liquid form..

helpful information thank you all And priya sood

hi Rakhi Puri as i mentioned pureed food provide allmost half the nutrition, a large chunk of fiber also goes away. its always better to give food or fruit whole for maximum nutrition. infact from 6 mts baby can chew, thats why they lose the tounge thrust. so that they can chew with their gums.. the phoooo and gagging are initial phases. if baby is throwing food thats a clear sign that baby didnt like either the texture or taste. change it. bring variety - like sweet potato boiled or steamed cut in potato wdge shape and offerd ??
brocilli same way, potato same way. idli or dosa cut in stripes and offerd. let the child us his own hands to eat... dont feed. when we feed we tend to over feed them. when they eat, they eat as per their hunger.

and domt worry about gagging. thats a part of learning. like all babies fall and then learn to walk  ??? i dont know any baby that walked without falling or tripping... i hope.m making sense ??
in the same way. gaging is a way to chewing. it happens as they learn the bite size to be put in mouth.. if we feed them.
they never learn that. best is to show how to eat. eat with them.

Harneet Khurana she is weaning as per guidance of her pediatric and dietician....I tried same food mashing and pureed but pureed worked for her...she starts choking with water also some times hence will start different textures from 8 month...she is getting proper nutrition as her growth height and head circumference is in 90  percentile and weight 75..... her motor skills development is also good...she walks with help, stand holding objects, crawl with off balance, speaks so many words, trying pincer grasp, respond with aa oon hu when u call her, respond to all emotions, very playful, started using potty seat... holding on for finger food till 11th will start giving her potatoe boiled julienne and rice boiled to try herself..... every baby is unique... different formula works on all.... thanks for you inputs dear

what ever works for you Rakhi Puri :) self feeding is a very old weaning process. thats how our ansestors used to feed babies. puree n mashed just started 10-15 yrs ago. i have 2 kids and meal times are fun for us. i dont cook anythimg extra and i dont have to feed them :) they eat family food. my 19 month old holds spoon and eats on her own.

true Harneet Khurana we were fed that way only natural....I try and offer her few bites Evey day once and she will start exploring and liking textures soon.... choking is main hazard but will pull this nice and slow....I am happy and inspired with your angels

great. more power to you.

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