hello..... can anyone pz give me advise regarding ....can I start liquids n fruits pulps n juices to my baby boy taha... he vl turn 4 months on 5 th June... I know its too early to start anything with feedings... but ramzans r starting n I hv to take fast

Ideally not recommended till 6 months. let's wait for other mom's to revert.

I opine.. no..ebf..till 6 months

Warm welcome to Babychakra Roohi! :)

Best is to ask the doctor. It is important that the nutritional needs of both mom and baby be met

thank you Neha ji

OK...then i vl ask my pediatrician

Hi Roohi... according to my knowledge nursing moms are exempted from fasting ryt ?? however u can cover them up once u start solids...y r u in hurry ?

yes .... u r right ... but I wanted fasting this time ...dats y I m worried

hmm ok I understand how important it is :)

Suggested by Mom Champ Anura Wadia -
For baby foods check out this website
I have referred this website

OK..thank you

Roohi... if you can express breastmilk and store, try that option...

Roohi u can fast and BF Taha.. Just u have to have particular diet in sehri n iftaar. Last year I bfed my daughter and fasted whole month of Ramadan

Assalamu alaikum... yes even I had brfd my first child too when he was only 4 months .... but this time I m already weakened... n I m alone ...I HV to take care of both children... and HV to fast too

yes you can. but first start with a spoon of water a day..

as far as i know. unless n until trre is a medical condition n the child is not gaining weight only in that condition doctor recommends feeding from 4 months. otherwise ita ebf 6 months

if i may ask.. why wud u want to start so soon ?

roohi u can start fruit juice aftr 4 mnth..

Hi Roohi. . I was advised to skip rozas during nursing period. child depends on nutrition from us and we too need min 5 months post delivery to get back to our healthier self.

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